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As much as I disagree with the Code Pink crowd, I have to side with them here. I'd like to know exactly what they were arrested for. Seems a bit overly excessive and silly to physically subdue and detain people for dancing.

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So wait a second...does this knucklehead peanut farmer even know why the people of North Korea are starving in the first place? What a moron!

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Why is it so important that he's black? Do you have a point?

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Forget it, kiddo. I'm done with you. I'd have an easier time trying to understand the musings of an incoherent third grader with a kindergarten mentality.

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I see the point you are trying to make, but the poster of the "buckwheat" comment has a history of posting violent and racist remarks. Referring to blacks as "coons" and suggesting napalm to be dropped on liberals, the list goes on. Take a quick look at his profile and you'll see what I mean.

While it may not be exactly racist to refer to someone as a character that shares the same skin color, it is when you refer to them as a character that was a racial stereotype such as Buckwheat. Not overtly racist but almost there. Cross the line any farther than that and he'd have referred to him as "Kunta Kinte", which I'm sure our little racist friend would have no problems doing.

Regardless, the OP's intent was to make a racist comment. It's very easy to spot once you look into it a little more. Us conservatives need to man up and call it for what it is. 'Nuff said...

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I'd rather have no posts at all than the 200+ posts declaring how much of an ignorant, racist scumbag you are. Whether you are a conservative or just posing as one, the REAL conservative America I know will shame and shun you wherever you go. I'm not the only one here willing to stand up to phonies and jackasses like you.

Just remember...one of us is racist, the other is not.

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This poster is a clear example of a liberal plant versed in the ways of Alinsky tactics. Pretend you're a conservative, make a few deplorable comments, and then vote for yourself with sock puppet profiles.

Regardless if I'm right or wrong about that call, you sir are a coward and are as pathetic as the troglodytes who spew such venom from the left.

We should all be wise to vote this person's posts down to non-existence.

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I gain more and more respect for Andy every time this guy posts. Keep up the good work, kiddo! You provide such an outstanding and entertaining example of the "intellectual" and "mature" left. Now finish your juice box, little one...it's nappy time!

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I like how this little baby troll tries its best to deflect the obvious racism and bigotry from the left by claiming there was low attendance and that the speech was a disaster.

Day in and day out I see its cute little pokes and prods on just about everything posted on this site. Not that it's any bother to us, in fact it's quite reassuring to see that this angry little leftist chooses to use Breitbart's site to assert his denial that he and other hatemonger liberals are counted among the minority in this country. We get it, though. Denial is tough, and the truth hurts.

So feel free to continue throwing your baby toddler tantrums every time your own liberal sense of guilt and self loathing is overcome by stubborn arrogance. We all enjoy watching you make a fool of yourself as you kick and scream in a perpetual state of irrelevance :)

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Why is he trying to make it seem like the demand for these guns is our problem, our responsibility? He goes on about stopping gun trafficking from north to south, but no mention of the criminals that are crossing the border from the south illegally to bring drugs and murder and return to Mexico with guns and cash. They will never look at the problem in the face and call it what it is. Poor US border control stifled by liberal policies, and the failure of Mexico to eliminate these violent drug cartels and to establish a stable middle class.