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Patty, once I read your comment I too started to question the validity of the letter and called Citibank directly to get details. They confirmed it was real and told me they had contracted a 3rd party to send out the letters which is why they don't look official. I agree with your points and it further shows how Citibank is doing a very poor job dealing with this matter.

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Thanks Nik. Glad it helped you.

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Nice post Kevin. I think you did a fine job on this screencast showing how you can use the web to tell your story by surfing web pages with voice annotation. Well done.

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Yes, a flash mob conversation is exactly what it would be. Unfortunately my little experiment failed miserably. That's ok though, I think it was still a viable idea.

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Michael. They really do taste very bad. Go ahead and give them a try and report back...I dare you ;)

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Hey Todd, it was great meeting you too and I appreciate your effort in setting up the meetup quickly. You were the bright spot at this event however I just wish we could have all interacted more. Just gives me an excuse to hang out with all of you again.

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Mike, I'm so glad we went to this together. Had a great time with you as always. This post took a ton of focus and perseverance to get done. Took me ~3 weeks and about 6 hours of actual work to complete. I'm happy I did it because having memories of it are great, but now that I recorded them, I can re-live them easier in the future.

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Hey Kurt, yes that was a great party. So funny hanging out with the whole LA crew out there. Look forward to seeing you again now that we're back.

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I most definitely think a Ministry could leverage Lifestreaming as an effective tool. Twitter would be just one source for a useful stream. You could add a photo stream of events using Flickr or similar service, for schedules of future bible studies, recommended books to read using, to link to relevant websites. And those are just some quick ideas. If proper thought is put into the types of content and streams to push, businesses or any other sector (including ministries) could benefit from Lifestreaming.

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Great idea Bwana. I was about to start looking into creating stickers for Lifestream Blog. Will this site only cover offers of obtaining stickers or also provide resources on having your own made as well?