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Holy crap, they went all out on this one with the animations. I'd be willing to wait for more like this.

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Was wondering where they've been. Ah yes, the Scepter of Twi, none can escape it's golden allure.

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It's Bonbon's Job to crush your dreams Lyra! multiple voices!

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The one time Big Mac has a shift in tone with Eeyup, it sounds like he's having a hernia.

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Whoa there sport, an 8-track, these youngins won't understand our ancient ways. I wiped out a VCR and VHS tape and the dang kid nearly had a stroke trying to find the HDMI plug in while waiting for it to rewind, heck it took an hour to explain how to make it play without a remote!

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Feeling Pinkie Keen's message is really ridiculous, and went more against Science than the Supernatural with very little evidence for both sides outside of blind faith. If they tweaked the episode to be more about having faith in your friends even in face of uncertainty as opposed to "I can explain it, because of the Bible" or the other side of the fence "You can't explain it, therefore Magical Sky Wizard". She couldn't explain, therefore she should just give up and have faith it exists, of course Twilight gave an AFTERNOON'S worth of attention to the whole subject. You could also argue that her pinkie sense makes perfectly logical sense considering any and all laws of reality are instantly negated by the laws of cartoon physics- where anything and everything is possible.

You could also turn translation to (if the episodes message wasn't so badly scripted) It's okay to be religious, just don't cram it down everyone's throats. Both sides of the fence are equally guilty for forcing their opinion on one another...and that's the really only thing I hated about that episode, still funny and lots of great character reaction.

You're comic is still funny though, it's just the one thing that stuck out to me the most and it's not your fault. I just really, really disliked how they handled Feeling Pinkie Keen.

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It was a fun episode with lots of stuff constantly going on, have to watch it a few more times to catch it all. Derpy is still alive, Pinkie Pie's skeletal structure is still being called into question, the songs are great, wet mane Rarity is all over the place...holy crap.

The only thing that I kept saying was, what now? What is she a princess of, or is princess just a title like being a carpenter? Where can they go from now that she's an alicorn and how will it affect the mane six as a whole (as in new responsibilities)? What the hell are her responsibilities or are her friends there to aid her as she's done so much in the past together with them?


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Her rage cannot be contained! TO THE BUNKER!

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It's tough to choose a favorite pony, they all have great personalities, but I've done tons and tons of insightful research on their quirks, flaws, tics and tweaks and found this pony, to be the best pony.

Undeniable, isn't it?

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Cloud Chaser shows up, but so does BonBon in another scene with involving specifically AJ, again. Either she is a distant relative or AJ is her favorite pony. It's was a solid episode with AJ trying too damn hard to be dependable, which is her best defining characteristic and flaw, she can't tell when and where she's crossed the line.