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I really like the concept behind the creation of this app and am impressed with the quality that the team came up with. Based on my own experiences jumping into app development, there are so many little things that go along with development that you really don't think about -- icon development, the background images and sounds and music all can take time. It does really become obvious that you either need to have expertise in many areas of have three friends to help you out. Thanks for getting this story story out there.

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I recently read an interesting article about the effects of playing Tetris on one's brain function ( When this game popped up on freeappaday, I had to pick it up -- a little extra brain functionality never hurts. I feel like this game is a lot more challenging than Tetris beacause of the side walls closeing in and the speed and starting blocks seem to ramp up pretty quickly. That being said...this is a good time killer for a free app, I like the music and am hoping to have some new thoughts on the theory of relativeity after playing this for a few weeks.

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Thanks for the opportunity!

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Not a bad commercial -- I think I'd feel slightly strange buying golden rings from my phone...but who knows. Does anyone recognize the app at the very end that's controlling the Christmas lights?

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I'm absolutely hooked on geocaching and thought your review of this app was really complete. I've been using the MotionX GPS app that I downloaded before I learned of geocaching and that has been suiting me well. This app does provide a lot of extra features, but I find that for the 10 dollar price tag, I'm content to switch back and forth between apps. Thanks again for the great review.

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Thanks for the good review. I'd definitely consider something like this if it had capability to charge two devices -- coupling the popularity of the iPhone with the short battery life and the newfound love of geocaching creates the need for more charging capability. I think the light is a really nice feature though. Keep up the good reviews.

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Thanks for the opportunity!

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The way that GameLoft pumps out the high quality apps at such a rate makes me really want to look into their company structure. I'm really excited about games like Dungeon Hunter. As someone getting into app development, the detail and complexity are daunting -- but hopefully inspiring to all of us "little guys" out there.

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It's really great to see the power of a device that combines a camera with the ability to run editing apps. There are some great low cost by Takayuki Fukatsu -- QuadCamera is a great addition to a photography app collection.

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I really appreciate this article, it would be nice to see an "independant" app developer community arise on AppModo from this -- people could post their experiences as smaller app developers and get help from the larger community.