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My apologies for not having responded sooner, but I was trying to make heads and tails of the passing of Breitbart.
I am not a particularly big fan of his, considering what pathetic zi0fronts his sites are, but there is considerable pathos in a family man of considerable wit and drive dying at the unacceptably young age of 43.

So! You are finally able to "appreciate" ro6er the zi0-agent!
Don't let him get you down.
Don't feel compelled to reply to his juvenile taunts.
Our task here is to introduce mainstream/common sense memes into an otherwise toxically zi0nist thought stream.
Most of the posters here are very primitive thinkers, and they are led about by the nose by the "emergent leader" types like ro6er and his crew.

Your job {Mr. Phelps} if you accept it, is to be a voice of dissent and revolution in this 0rwellian, mentally lockstep realm.

Good luck old friend

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With all respect and sympathy, I would suggest you acquaint yourself with the Catechism of the council of Trent
{Dec. 31, 1545} and the teachings of Augustine on the nature of original sin.

The faith you practice is ancient and wonderful.
I wish you all success and God's blessing.

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Welcome to trolldom ol' friend.

Your identity card is in the mail.

Oh, and by the way; I can't recall where I saw it, but while snooping aroung the Big sites earlier today I came across a string where Clockwerk and Ro6er crossed swords.
This might be interesting.

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Coming from a primarily metaphysical background; yes, mankind is in a "fallen" state.
If you are an atheist, or a self understood "agnostic", yes, I can understand how you might not get it.

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All of nature is, indeed dangerous;
and humans are a naturally occurring phenomenon.

Danger is an entirely universal factor,
whether you be human, feline, simian or insect.

It is simply one of life's realities.

One cannot attach some moral judgement to another for simply noting a reality.

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It is interesting that the people who broadcast the alleged mass rapes in old Yugoslavia

would not dare expound on the much better documented and far more horrific mass rapes of German women

and girl children and infants by Soviet soldiers during the fall of the Reich,

Or, for that matter, the mass rapes that are regularly committed in sub Saharan Africa by their favored race:

the African Blacks.

They will use these alleged crimes to attack anti socialist and anti islamic whites, but no one else.

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Hell, Bill;
One way or another, we are all trolls here.

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All of humanity is a "dangerous element",

and via LE I have also encountered some of the best
that Humanity can currently offer.

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I've read some of his stuff and visited his site.
A truly strange boy. [girl?]
A lot of his writing is structured like haiku poetry or zen koans.
He's made some inflammatory cracks about zi0nists that if I had made them back in the day, my buddy ro6er, or the bronx zi0nist would have been after me with pitchforks and torches;
but clockwerk so wraps his snarky stuff in his stupid smiley face persona that the rabid right wingers that populate this ghetto apparently do not know how to react.
Funny stuff, really.

Is "clockwise" still hanging around these sites?

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One of the many reasons I love you, Bill, is because of your almost reflexive kindness and patience.
B9, indeed!
The dumb and scared are only a small part of the problem.
You omitted the self serving, sociopathic, sexually perverse, greedy, dishonest, cowardly, lazy, pointlessly manipulative and hubris laden to mention just a few.

Our culture is in a moral, demographic and financial free fall that would make Weimar Germany look like Plymouth colony by comparison.
DeTocqueville famously stated that America is great because America is good.
Well, America is no longer good.

What would I suggest?
Prayer: lots of it!
Find a third political way: Both the major parties are corrupt, bankrupt and void of solutions.
Look into the way of the Anarch.
[it has nothing to do with anarchy]

And when you are done with this: More prayer!