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It probably wasn't real rum, but real balls.

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Drugged against your will and you have no issue with that? Is rohypnol in your wife's, girlfriends or daughters drink ok?

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On CNN today they are citing multiple studies that show MJ use increases cancer in Men.

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The "it's just a plant" argument is void of any value. The Flu and Cancer are naturally occurring too. We should ban any treatment of them since they are natural as are supposed to kill you to depopulate the planet. Coca is natural. Opium poppy is etc. Mushrooms. Peyote. Etc. Natural does equate to "needs to be legal".

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right, like any of you started smoking only after 18...

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"they don't commit suicide while high" is somewhat misleading. Marijuana users are more likely to commit suicide than non-users. I am sure if you gave them various drugs they would be less likely to kill themselves while they were under the influence . In reality you are not helping the cause of suicide you are medicating it regardless of what the medication is.

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So you are saying, without a single doubt, no one under the influence of MJ has ever killed themselves or anyone else? Even IF you meant didn't die via OD, it would still be a useless claim because it doesn't factor in the deaths caused by those under the influence of MJ.

Here is a true statement. Everyone that smokes pot will die.

Yours is, at best, a disillusioned opinion.

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47% -- think regular marijuana use poses moderate/great risk . Seems like the HS kids are more on the ball that most of the boulder adults when evaluating drug risks

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In the republic, you should be able to pick and choose what laws to follow. As long as a group of people think a law is bad, then ignoring it is fine.

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This is a credible response from someone who posts things like "Sure, I'll put my seer stones and magic underwear up. What you got? ".