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Thanks, Phoena. I don't feel very guilty about it, but Matt's absolutely wracked with guilt. I think the idea of castration freaks him out... haha! Man issues, clearly. Anyway, I think when we can afford it, I'll probably get him fixed, maybe at the beginning of the year. When we had Chummer, who's a cat, fixed he bounced back really super fast. I think it's easier on male animals than it is on female animals, since they really have to do more cutting on females given where their organs are.

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We really love them, our fur-babies are our babies, so we want to take really good care of them. Galileo is awesome. He's his same ol' self, stand-offish and haughty! LOL.

Thanks for the awesome memories of Chummer. Matt and I use to love it when he did that. It never got old, we were always in awe of his ability to jump like that!


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Ooh!! Post pics of the pumpkin pancakes. That sounds amazing. We, sadly, don't have an IHOP closer than Waco, so we can't just go out for pancakes like we use to! When we move to CA, however, that will change, since there're like two IHOP's in the desert! Can't wait!!

Enjoy the pie!

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I'm afraid I don't have the nutritional facts, but this pie could easily be made lower sugar by using cool whip free. If you made it in other flavors, you could also use instant sugar-free fat-free pudding and skim milk. That way, the only really sweet thing in the recipe would be the crust. It's a really adaptable, hard to mess up recipe, which is why I love it! Okay, it's not the only reason I love it, but ease is an important factor in whether I make something again or not.

If you make it with the cool whip free and stuff, let me know how it comes out! Love ya!

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Thanks, Phoena!! Cross your toes for me too, I'll let you know how it turns out!

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Thanks guys!! I'm so happy to see all my requirements met. It's finally starting to feel real, like I will graduate and I'm feeling giddy about grad school.

Thanks again!

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I buddied you!! Buddied... is that a word? Good luck with NaNoWriMo this year. I'm rootin' for ya!!

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For my part, I generally have no problem with people who're willing to engage in civil conversation, even about religion. It just seems to me that people screaming "You're going to HELL" over twitter is just cruel. That's just not something you say to someone you don't know. Even still, if they had an interest in saving the souls of atheists and pagans, or whatever, telling them they're going to hell isn't the way.

By the same token, the other side is guilty, too, in my opinion. I just feel like it could have been better handled. If it's true that Twitter fell under pressure and replaced #nogod with #knowgod, then I feel very sorry for them. I mean, there's no reason they should have done that and it was unfair for christians to throw a tantrum the way they did. It just shows that a lot of christians don't care about the opinions of anyone else. They just want to live in a bubble, which is not the way the world works.

Twitter is public domain and not everyone is a christian.

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I've never heard of "Westworld" but I'm pretty sure that "Soylent Green" would count as vintage horror. I mean, grinding up people and turning them into protein tablets sounds pretty horrifying to me! Although, it might fall more under Sci-Fi or Dystopic, than Horror, I just don't know. Either way, I hear it's good, if you like that sort of stuff.

I haven't ever seen a zombie movie before "28 Days Later" & "28 Weeks Later" so I can't say about that. I hear Romero is the master. I'll check them out!

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We have a channel called "Chiller" on DirecTV. On Sunday nights, they have international horror. I keep meaning to watch it, but always forget. I think they play a few shows and a feature film. I think I'm going to try to catch it this week!