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I see him as simply wanting to bring our money and soldiers back home and protect our borders over here. Keeping our soldiers and money enmeshed in never-ending wars will not turn all those nations into democracies but rather will waste our money, resources and lives while our own borders continue on unprotected. Any terrorist can just walk right in here while we are exhaustively protecting their borders over there. Except for helping to protecting Israel's borders (the one thing we do NOT do) it's time to leave and remain vigilant but uninvolved. I could go for Cain or Bachman but the others, not so much.

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I know this is old news but really, what does everyone think of the Bohemian Grove? I continue to be very disturbed by adult world leaders engaging in pagan rituals mimicking ancient Canaanite child sacrifice practices. Really?!?! And upon doing a little research it turns out Mitt Romney's father was integral in MK Ultra mind programming research. Plus Rick Perry attended a Bilderberg meeting about a decade ago. virtually all presidential candidates have attended Bilderberg prior to obtaining their parties' nominations. Is it just me or is this all really disturbing? Isn't Ron Paul really the most viable candidate and what can we do to actually get him elected?

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Please everyone take note of Herman Cain.. he would make a FANTASTIC candidate for Pres. Boy would I LOVE to see take Obama on in a Presidential debate. If you are not familiar with him listen to one of his radio broadcasts!

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Hey guys!! Keep the faith... kept the Bush taxes, looks like they'll kill the DREAM act and the Food Bill, bye bye to Omnibus... I am really actually SHOCKED that our voices have had so much power, because we are still not "in power"...keep crying John, we like you as much as we like Sarah shooting the moose for dinner!! We will be victorius!! Just wait Commies... we're just getting started!! NOW.... guys we have GOT to melt the phone lines to get the new Congress to STOP net neutrality !!!!

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I've seen this.. scary isn't it? For more, go to amnesty international or muslimwatch... I saw a video of these animals running a truck over the arm of a 6 yr. old boy who stole a loaf of bread, not to mention what they do to young girls who can be forced under sharia law to marry at 9 to old guys and be forced to have sex until they pass the parent of two small children.. all I have to say is thank God for the 2nd amendment... never retreat.. reload. that is the only single thing that has kept us safe so far.. the founders knew what they were doing when they gave us the right to defend our God given freedoms.

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Just a look at these comments says it all... the ones who want a better future for our kids, who are willing to do hard work without govt. handouts and accept personal responsibility have the positive, old American "can do" attitude vs. the seething hatred and vitriol of the Communist wannabees.... Russia has an open door for you to help put them back in power there, or better yet, go work for one dollar a month in china... I hear they don't have to pay for their own healthcare!

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Could this actually be the real lead in to the Audit the Fed bill???? OOOHHH that could be interesting!

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You know what is really distressing? Reading through here, we are all for the most part on the same page about what is wrong with our country. However from Glenn Beck to Ron Paul to the media to pretty much any politician, the Bohemian Grove, the Skull and Bones, the Bilderbergs... where we are all at odds is over who to believe, who to trust. Just when I think one of them seems to be trustworthy someone brings up why we should be skeptical. I think at the root of ALL our problems in American is this all-encompassing, nagging, pervasive lack of TRUST in anyone in a position of power, a leadership position, anyone in the public eye. You never know who or what to believe, it's not only immensely frustrating but really sad, and becomes an almost impossible task involving an immense amount of personal time to just ATTEMPT to sort out fact from fiction.

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Hahahaha. belle between the rughat comment and this one you have me laughing so hard I actually might go to bed with a smile on my face for a change!

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So they can poison us with their chemically laden, genetically altered food. I've never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life. Who the heck hasn't grown some tomatoes or had a vegetable garden at some point? Guess the first lady is exempt from this one, huh? Just wait... next they will target the organic food growers as they know the people are waking up to what is being done to our food supply. They will only allow "organic" foods to come from govt. controlled farms which will make the "organic" label worthless.