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I used to drive by this piece of art every day - it's located in Shelburne, VT.

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My company is running SAP as the sole system to do EVERYTHING.

However, most of the bog standard SAP transactions don't fully do what we need them to, so nearly everything that we do is a custom SAP transaction. As anyone knows, custom everything means tons of constant issues to work through.

SAP keeps the IT department of my company gainfully employed. If it worked as it was promised, we'd need just a handful of them - instead there are dozens of SAP folks working here.

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This past winter, I finally tossed in the towel when OSX 10.4.11 stopped supporting updates to almost every browser, including FireFox. I could no longer visit sites I frequented, watch videos, or even update Facebook.

The hardware in question was a MBP, purchased new in 2005.

We bought the max RAM allowable for the machine (2GB - lol), and installed 10.6.2, and it's been smooth sailing ever since. That MBP has been the most reliable computer I've ever owned.

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Geez - I tried to determine what variant this F-16 is, and there are too many to count...

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Yeah - that's a Saturn, likely an L300.

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Just turn it down to 400W, you should be fine.

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Is that the tower in the recently circulating 'climb' YouTube vid? I first saw it around Thanksgiving last year.

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Except that it's a BMW Z4.

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How about the Tata brand?

Land Rover/Jaguar
Tata motors (makes the hilariously cheap Nano, as well as cars, trucks, & over burdened lorries found all over southeast Asia)
Tetley teas
Tata salt
Tata steel
Taj luxury hotels
Titan watches
Croma consumer electronics
Taj Khazana - a line of "luxury lifestyle stores" (in addition to several other retail brands)
Tata DOCOMO - a telecom brand and cellular service provider
Tata housing & real estate services
Tata financial services & insurance
Voltas air conditioners
Tata ceramics and crockery
Tashi shoes
Strider bicycles
Tata Swach water purification systems

You can see it all here:

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...but it has 30 lives.