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9 years ago @ The Malaysian Insider - Ex-Playboy bunny says ... · 0 replies · +18 points

all the best Felixia.

9 years ago @ The Malaysian Insider - Isma stands by stateme... · 0 replies · +28 points

where is the Sedition act when you need it.

10 years ago @ The Malaysian Insider - PRK confirms Anwar as ... · 0 replies · +3 points

there you go. Anwar has made his move.

1) Peace truce with BN
2) Kajang MB.

The story unfolds.

Those of us who voted for PR, what a kick in the face.

10 years ago @ The Malaysian Insider - PAS leader and opponen... · 3 replies · +95 points

what kind of header title is this?

"PAS leader and opponent of non-Muslim use of the word ‘Allah’, Harun Taib, dies"

be a bit respectful, ain't that difficult. TMI

10 years ago @ The Malaysian Insider - Johoreans and their bl... · 0 replies · -5 points

Zan, where are you going at with this article?

1. But what really annoys me is the blind pride that Johoreans are known to have. So blind that nothing outside of Johor is ever good enough.
2. Jokes aside, Johoreans need to get out of their blind pride affliction and take a good look around if they want their beloved city and state to thrive.
3. So as a Johorean, I thank him for highlighting something that should not be swept under the carpet. Now that’s something to be proud of.

You speak as though people from Johor are either ignorant or in disbelieve about the crime rates in JB. Pride clouds their views of issues of the state. Is it true?

You have just further solidify your current articles are casual rants and in need of real substance.

10 years ago @ The Malaysian Insider - Housing group applauds... · 0 replies · +4 points

Funny when the govt has encouraged foreign investor and local developers to pour in into Malaysia. See Iskandar Malaysia.

Sugar coat? come on..

10 years ago @ The Malaysian Insider - GST targets a bigger g... · 0 replies · +23 points

no one in govt is talking about the unpaid income tax which should be mandatory.

Settle that first, then talk about GST or those who pay income tax should stop paying income tax.

10 years ago @ Malay Mail - MCA’s reason for... · 0 replies · +5 points

And anwar & najib having teh tarik & dinner moment..
no one ask for resignation?

sandiwara la MCA.

10 years ago @ The Malaysian Insider - Dr M right about overs... · 0 replies · +1 points

Sad to say, negatives outweighed the positives.
If only he had done less politicking and planted genuine foundations for all Malaysians for the last 22 years. Boy oh boy, i do wonder how Malaysia will be now.

10 years ago @ The Malaysian Insider - Dr M right about overs... · 1 reply · +12 points

TDM got this wrong leh.
He forgotten why he loathes LKY.

The diligent, smarter one tops the class. The knieving stupider one throw cheap shots.