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Starting a new business can be scary and as you mentioned, a gamble. Several reports show that 90% startups fail in their first year.

I came across an article by someone who's set up a successful business, and the points he's mentioned are common mistakes that founders make and how it can be avoided. Here's the link to read the article- https://goo.gl/J9Z3Di

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Cloud computing really seems to be growing in 2018 and it'd be exciting to see that..

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A lot of entrepreneurs are unsure of what an MVP is and the purpose it serves. They wrongly mistake it to be the complete product.

This definitely explains what MVP is.

I came across an article which does the same. Do let me know what you think of it- https://goo.gl/6RWCMv

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Handling Google is quite tricky and SEO rules are tedious and time-consuming. As a writer, while I'd like to get a lot of traffic on my blog, I sometimes have to sit tight so as to not tick off Google.

Here's an SEO guide which will help in learning the tricks of SEO. - https://goo.gl/ZMmfvq

I hope you rank higher soon!

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As a first time freelancer, I believe it's more important to have a plan in mind. It'll get easier to get astray but a plan or a schedule can get you back on track.

Here are a few tips which I believe will be useful in being a successful freelancer.- https://goo.gl/SqnFku

Let me know your views on them!

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Thank you for these! It can get overwhelming when you're just starting out as a freelancer and have to keep a track of everything.

I've come across a few tips which will help in being a successful freelancer- https://goo.gl/SqnFku

I hope this will help.