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And for the anime style, not going to lie I enjoyed Rosario + Vampire Capu 2. Though the story wasn't really the best compared to the manga, I did enjoy the art and design of the characters.

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Well, that is quite sad to be honest the fact that they are literally shutting down old games. I mean if it makes room for the newer games to have more efficient online play then that's something, but still there should be some way to run those older games. what about the people who pick the games up in the bargain bin? That's a pretty sad move I would think, especially if it doesn't truly benefit the newer games, but just saves them a cheap buck.

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I read the blood bowl books from an Matt Forbeck, and then I heard about the game coming out for PSN and XBLA. Also I know there was a tabletop version of this game too, but that has been around for quite some time. This was about 8 months ago, and now they are trying to push it as a full retail game? I hope they aren't thinking of asking a full $60 for it. Seems to be a big thing now, games that were meant to be arcade, going full retail. Fairytale Fights and now Blood Bowl

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That sounds pretty cool, and nice and cheap compared to their other DLC which from what I've heard is pretty lacking for the $10 price tag that they stuck on the stuff right at release day.

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hm, well its good to know someone picked this up. And even better to know that that company was Bethesda. I've yet to play a game by the that was truly bad in any way, and I usually quite enjoy their releases. While EA has sometimes been a hit or miss company. Though hopefully to much won't fall through the cracks now because of the change in companies.

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It's great they are bringing the original 4 survivors to make a cameo appearance. And 8 vs 8 people... wow haha it'd be special infected and survivors everywhere. That would be quite a large group of people shooting everything and attacking everyone.

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He does sound very familiar, though from only one clip its hard to tell. He did sound like da vinci, but I think we would need him to actually talk normally and not so surprised sounding. Though I'm curious if he even will have a part, or if he just did one sound clip in the trailer.

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Hm, I would rather live in japan and get the Pinball game for cheaper as opposed to Lips songs? I don't even know anyone who has that game. Though that Maw deal looks pretty cool. And somehow my thing glitched lol, my account is showing only 1p now.

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I think the ships they are using are called Longswords, though I may be mistaken. It's still great on how they are letting everyone see this for free, instead of trying to tack a price tag on it of even 400 MS points per episode part. Can't wait to see how this actually turns out, considering it looks like this is happening before Reach to be sure since there is more than one spartan.

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Hm well that shows literally nothing unfortunately. Besides squirrels? What could this "Big Pack" have? More customisable items? Since people can make tracks of their own, albeit they have to be friends with the person, is there a need to release more maps made by the developers? Hopefully they are just adding in more items to throw into custom tracks and things like that.