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I heard an equally credible theory, but it involved Roosevelt Franklin. I can see how Beck could have mixed up the two.

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That is again hyperbolic.

The article was about aggressive, expensive treatment being heralded as an example to emulate, and the personal and financial implications of such decisions, and he absolutely did not say she should shut up and die.

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at what point was she supposed to give up and accept no treatment/mere palliative care?

Come on, that's total hyperbole.

This isn't specifically about Lisa Adams or Keller's father in law. This is about a public perception that "fighting" terminal illness is somehow a braver or stronger choice. And it's a totally fair discussion, in my opinion.

He wasn't saying Lisa Adams should have "given up", he's saying that's not how it should be framed ("fight" vs "give up") in the first place!

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No one is forced to read it. However, if they do read it, is anyone allowed to respond to it? Isn't that a natural response to reading about it? Thinking and feeling our own feelings as a reaction to hers?

Also, the consequences of the decision can affect the actual costs of healthcare for everyone. Isn't that a topic that we can all talk about?

(GOD I am sorry for not being snarky.)

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God help me for disagreeing with my beloved Wonkette.

But his op-ed was primarily about palliative care.

I am sure Lisa Adams is a hero to many, and deservedly so, but every patient facing terminal illness doesn't need to go through the gauntlet of expensive treatment to be considered "strong".

In a country where decisions about life and death can be actively taken over by the state (see Marlise Munoz), not wanting to "fight" for life tooth and nail shouldn't be seen as "weak".

It is also completely fair for any journalist to ask what affect the "warrior" attitude towards treatment has on healthcare costs.

In my opinion.

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While Phil’s comments made in the interview reflect his personal views based on his own beliefs, and his own personal journey, he and his family have publicly stated they regret the “coarse language” he used and the mis-interpretation of his core beliefs based only on the article.

"Course language"? "Mis-interpretation"?

How do you politely say "homosexuality is like bestiality"?

How do you misinterpret the claim that black people liked being segregated?

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"I'm just, how do you people say it, 'keeping it real'! Ya feel me, dawg?"

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Bottle blonde: check. And that whole "ignoring the southern strategy" thing is just adorbs. She's got the goods.