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I sometimes push painful memories to the back of my mind to prevent overload.

She originally wanted one of the four(?) C-32, a 757-200, because she didn't only want to fly nonstop, she wanted to bring her staff, something the C-37B Gulfstream 500/550 couldn't do.

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Nancy is so close to their finish line but are in so much trouble with the voters. She is losing her self control which shows how much trouble they are in and that will lead to a very ugly political crash.

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The bigger item missed was the 79% non-affiliated voters. They are the group who currently hold the trump card in recent elections. If obama loses them 2010 will be extrodinarily ugly, it looks like he is well on his way.

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As for the military's use of private jets, they have strict criteria to follow. Now for political leaders I don't have a problem with the president because it goes with his, and only his, position. Obama's use is more than I would like to see during this economy but if he feels he must go some where the entourage must follow. Nancy and Harry will likely abuse this service since they mange to follow different rules than they apply to the military.

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At least you're buying the best jets your money can buy.

They have no sense of responsibility for the tax payer. I have no problem with having some special aircraft for high ranking military or government personnel who will be better served by not traveling commercial. They, just like cooperate executives, are safer and will be more productive getting from point A to point B in the shortest time possible. They cost too much to be sitting idle in the airport waiting for a ride. That said, there few who meet that requirement, Congress doesn't meet that "need" and I think the ONE the Air Force asked for meets those needs. Now the Air Force will have to provide more crews and support for the extra jets, something they frequently fail to fund. I think Nancy has become addicted to her jet and wants to share with her inner circle. Nothing like Fraud Waste and Abuse from the top. FYI there are other aircraft in the Air Force but they are extremely expensive to pull from normal service because of the wars. Small cooperate jets are more effective for this kind of use.

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During the 60s, the counter culture believed big brother was listening to everything they did. They couldn't because the technology wasn't capable. Jump 40 years, now we have a myriad of technologies and ways to listen and sort them out. Oh, did I mention that the 60s counter culture is now in power and has full control of the previously mentioned listening apparatus?

Now they are following the German Fascist and Stalins Communist handbook of rat on your neighbor for any transgresstion real or imagined. Just 911 the Whitehouse and rat out your neighbors for expressing their 1st amendment rights because the president and the party he leads doesn't believe YOU have the right to object to anything they do. In their arrogance and drunkenness with power they are moving too quickly and people don't like radical change overnight. We are the power behind the office, not the other way round. They will slowly erode your ability to stop their agenda, the longer you wait to protest, the harder it will be to correct it.

Kind of ironic, all the things the left claimed and protested George Bush would do to steal your rights but never did, they are trying to do to yours now. Whatever you may think of Bush he didn't succumb to the power of the office.

Remember “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” -George Orwell, Animal Farm

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What was Al Gore's responsibility in all this? Nothing, like all of his actions or in-actions, the Democrats don't take any responsibility for anything, it's always someone else's fault. Some how obama's incredible spending programs will be all Bush's fault too. Everything is never enough for them.

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They wanted Bill in the picture to display as if they are a great country and could make the US kneel down to them to show other despots how they did it. Power trip, bragging rights over Iran.

I am glad they were released, but what did NK get, just a picture or...

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The Dems can't wait for someone to grossly misbehave, even if they have to supply one to do so.

The rest of us who are truly against obama's insane reckless spending spree will make our voices heard, even if his mainstream media team choose to ignore honest people. It's probably because they don't believe in genuine grass roots movements, only contrived ones, like acorn and seiu.

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A thug points a gun at you and say your money or your life.

barry, harry, & nancy smile at you, then, take your money and control of your life.

Now the thug doesn't look quite so bad, at least the thug gives you an option.