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Ah, what a night that was. The music was very special. Michael Billington characterised it as suggesting "a Tyrolean Tom Waits". Cellos played sideways like guitars!

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That's very kind.

I went the extra mile to find the beige Cortina image.


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I was not there. Looks like a backlash, if I picked up on what you meant. But if you check out Taleb's homepage, he is saying his comments on climate change and crashes were misrepresented. For a long time, I've heard his mantra to be "don't mess with a complex system" implicit in which is a deeply ecological/environmental engagement. I suppose these reactions reflect his increasing popularity and perhaps an inevitable involvement in the media and politics. My cautious advice in that regard would be "don't mess with a binary system" ;-)


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Thanks Dan,

call it a monkey with typewriter moment. The next one may be a long time coming.


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I am poised to do the same, although rather worried about the large number of other things in that Amazon basket :(

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This is fascinating. Would there be enough data for a separate study aimed specifically at finance journalism. This would be very topical. Here you are dealing with a complex phenomenon which the bureaucratic structures have shown themselves unequal to. Has journalism floundered too? Has the blogosphere done better?