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Part of me can't believe this is even a question. Unfortunately, I know that to many people it is.

First of all, if we're following Jesus, our first response to pretty much anything has got to be Love.

Second, there is no Christianity vs. Buddhism competition. Or at least there shouldn't be.

Thirdly, I take great exception to Christopher's comment above that a "solid Christian" cannot benefit from using Buddhist meditation techniques, and with his use of the word "wickedness" in relation to Buddhism. I suppose you're against Christians doing yoga, too? Spiritual practices do not change one's beliefs. Or do they? Perhaps getting closer to God does change one...and change is what Jesus was after, anyway.

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Cool, I will check this out! I also recommend What's So Amazing About Grace and The Jesus I Never Knew.

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Hold on, there's a hot, blond guy walking by...

Seriously, this post delights me because these are the same kinds of things my husband and I (who do consider ourselves Christians) discuss often. And I agree about Ben Hur not really being a story of the Christ. And I think Lawrence Fishburne is teh awesome. And so are you.

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I read a comment elsewhere that noted it would be a lot easier for criminals to wait outside a house for someone to leave and then rob it than it would be to search online for someone who's not home AND find their address and then go there and rob it.
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Um. Now I'm afraid to say anything! But you do have my thoughts and prayers.

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Yikes, heartbreaking.

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I'm glad. :-)

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You've got @stevenguymcdade out of his chair, running around the room, and cheering for you. :-)

We stopped going to church when it became a chore. We were involved in leading a worship service, but it became a chore that we didn't look forward to and that didn't seem to be doing anyone else any good.

We also stopped because most of the business of this church was about keeping the church financially alive.

That was a year ago. We didn't want to immediately drop into another traditional church, regardless of whether there's one out there that might be a better fit. We want to find something different. We just aren't sure what that will look like either. We've experimented with doing family worship at home; we've visited another house church/communal living group a couple of times as well. But we're not sure where we're going yet. I do agree that community is key.

@stevenguymcdade wants to know if you are also watching football. :-)

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Congratulations, and nice photos!

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What about the businesses who are actively promoting cycling as transportation, and who have supported the installation of bike corrals near their businesses?

I cycle as a primary form of transportation. And I haul large packages and groceries. And kids. And I cycle in the the winter, in all types of weather. I know not everyone can, but as Angus there said, eventually more and more people are going to NEED to cycle.