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Spokane, scumbucket of washington state, oh yea, so is the Yakima valley. My opinion. Would u raise a family in either of these places

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I say when they are under 16 PUNISH the parents. We know who's fault it is. I am sure these parents even had ideas that the criminals where their children

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Like you said Ken, the ones who get punished are the responsible ones. I do not lock my gun up. Why? Cause if someone barges into my house, according to Ken's Law, I would have to open a locked safe, then unlock the trigger lock, then load it, cock it and pull the trigger on the sun of a #####, try to assault my wife. What do the police discover, me dead, head bashed in with a bat lying next to my open safe, and my wife sexually assaulted and her throat slashed. You wanna be the one responsible for this, Ken? Like I said the only ones who get punished are the responsible ones.

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I live in this area. Lynnwood, Sno.pd, Brier, Edmonds Mt. Lake Terr., they dont mess around. Matter of fact, I find them to be a little to focused. Lynnwood PD I think has a little corruption in it. There are always strange reports from ther.

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BUSTED, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. oh yea HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Susie, shut-up, no one likes u. Look at the positive feed back I have got. Listen to ur self. Ur the jerk off everybody hates including ur family, "Did u hear urself." No susie people like u and ur selfish attitude is why u suck at driving. Love how u attacked me. How does it feel, loser.

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Pedestrians are the problem. They care less about anyone but them selves. This has become a selfish state. People wont let u merge on the freeway, people dont use blinkers, and people dont use the crosswalk correctly. I say more cops more jaywalking tickets.

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I have bought weed from this dude at that dispensary. Not a very good disp. Dirty, bad selections. Ther are much better places than Green Relief

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Detectives identify suspect in murder of Shoreline teen, and then KOMO reports nothing. U actually paid someone to put this on ur website. I am losing all faith in KOMO's reporting. Sensorship, lackluster reporting. Didn't u'all just win some awards for excellent reporting. Did they read this article?

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The point is the senselessness of it. I am a framer and will chop a tree down to use, not to kill it. No u are very unintelligent and senseless ur self. So u are funny. Slowly kill anything and u are a sick person