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Since commenting on this post, I've had a bit of a heart to heart with myself as well and am planning to relocate to NYC in about a year or so (depends on how quickly I can get a job there). I'm also looking at queens (due to the affordability as well as my desire to keep my car.

That being said - here is my brief, maybe helpful information:
1. Decide if you want to use a broker or not. Brokers help pair you with the right apartment for you and provide access to apartments that are not publicly searchable. However, they charge a fee of 10-15% one years rent which is pretty steep. If you don't want a broker, most websites give you the option to look for "no fee" apartments only.
2. I've heard great things about Long Island City as a neighborhood. Followed by Astoria. Then places like woodside or sunny side.
3. COL is very high. Be prepared for walk ups and laundry down the street. You may need a roommate to keep things affordable.

So by the time I move there, you'll probably be an NYC vet and can give me advice instead.

Good luck on the move! (Again)

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Wow, mark! Congrats on the move. I know moving sucks, but it's nice to go to a new place sometimes. I don't live in NYC - so, I unfortunately can't give you much advice other than learning to love the subway.

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This show remains one of the best I have ever seen, and it's a crime that it hasn't been recomissioned. I just loved that series one was all about kieren coming to terms with his first death- with ricks loss and the pain of his family over his suicide. And the second series was about coming to terms with where he is now. The scenes of him staring in the mirror in disgust in the beginning and with a smile and acceptance in episode 6 just wreck me.

All that being said, I love that amy, not kieren, was the first risen. Not that kieren isn't ~special as he fought off the effects of blue oblivion and could be reasoned with in his untreated state. But I like the chosen one subversion here. There was a great interview with Dominic Mitchell where he talked about this not being a show with prophecies, etc. all these people, both on the ULA side and the living, believe that the first risen is the key. But in the end, nothing happens when they seek to fulfill it. All they've done is murder a wonderful girl. That type of fanatical belief is dangerous and leaves the bodies of others in it's wake.

I love the final bit with kieren quietly mourning amy as the signs of his own healing start to creep in - him actually producing tears and the tremor in his hand.

After finally accepting himself as a PDS sufferer, I really want a series 3 where he has to adjust to all of that changing once more

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This is legitimately one of my favorite television programs that I have ever seen. Going into it, I had just heard the name tossed around, and it had been vaguely recommended to me. I found the first episode to be a little bit slow, but by the end (the final scene really), I was completely locked in.

This show is one of the only shows I know of that can match BSG for bleakness.

Dominic Mitchell does such an amazing job of letting us see so many oppressed persons represented in PDS sufferers - but deals pretty heavily with persons who suffer from mental health issues. All of the comments about people being dangerous if they don't take their medicine... people coming back from extended commitments to hospitals, etc.

Such a kick in the teeth.

PS. Kieren x Happiness OTP.

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The eps from season 2 of In the Flesh have expired

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I had such high hopes that he'd slip in In The Flesh as a surprise side review like he did with Jekyll since it's so short. It's such a perfect show for this community to discuss, and it's the show that has had the most impact on me in yeeeeeears. I really hope everyone gives it a chance.

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I will forever and always love Zhaan, and it's such a shame that the makeup was literally killing Virginia Hey as I'd like to believe she would have stuck around til the end. =(

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Yeah I think Alias is a superior show to Leverage in every way, but I think since it's older, it has less vocal fans. I think I may have been the person who originally suggested Alias a million years ago. I'm looking forward to the rewatch. =D

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#SaveInTheFlesh !!

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