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Very suspicious that false alarms of the deadly ballistic missiles were triggered in both Hawaii and Japan happened just within a matter of days apart , scaring the sh..t out of the residents.

Very suspicious this is a preemptive nuclear game both US and Japan are playing on its citizens, while the fear message could be targeted at the people of Pyongyang, Seoul and perhaps Peijing.

But for whatever reason for the US and Japan in displaying the purported errors in cohoot , this is exceedingly dangerous and deadly game to play.

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Line 1
........" should be taken lightly ".

should read,

......" should NOT be taken lightly. "

Error is regretted.

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This is a national issue that should be taken lightly.
The DPM, has appropriately come out to correct and condemn the wrong doers.
Well done!

The PDRM (Special Branch) and Arm Forces who were and had the enduring first-hand encounter
with the enemies should also came out to clarify the position, so is the PM, to discourage the replications of such similar claims that are false and damaging to national unity and we'll being of the country.

This is important because such false claims at the expense and discredit of other communities are divisive and against the national unity and harmony, peace and stability.

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....."Muslims nationwide to respect practitioners of other faith and beliefs" is a familiar reminder repeatedly spoken by top leaders of the ruling party for the past 6 decades, but little actions had been seen followed in practice on the ground. Often, the opposite had happene or by now, there is no need for such a call or reminder.

Such failure needs to be corrected and seriously addressed, because we are more divided now since independence due extremism and imposing intolerance.

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There should be freedom of civilian and commercial flights or passage across and over the SCS.

Freedom of navigations and passage of military and espionage should be disallowed, because it is not in the peaceful interests of nation states around the SCS region. Unnecessary friction and suspicions will be created.

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The Constitution forbids the Agong to command the removal of the Lord President. The PM being the Chief Executive had the duty to advice the Agong that his command was Unconstitutional. Mahathir failed to do so.
Why ?
Whose fault ?
What other motives?

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First step to restore the sanctity of the originality of the Federal Constitution which should be respected and kept intact to as near as it was first written for its intended functionality and purpose ( part of it is, check and balance)modelled on the Westminster Parliamentary Monarchy System.

Malaysians, political leaders from either sides alike, should be happy if it is successfully restored and implemented, irrespective of who has brought up the issue.

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Costly ? Not necessarily .

For more than 2 decades the HK$ has been pegged to US$. It works well for HK.
It has a lot to do with the competency,accountability and prudency on how the power-that-be conduct themselves, politically, economic and financially.

Mahathir pegging during the 1997/8 Asian Financial Crisis was the last option. MalwaysIa under Mahathir was ill-prepaired. It was bankrupted of practical financial prudency.

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I agree !
Decent candidates matter most.

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With such massive discrepancies in Selangor and numerous states,

Bersih should consider in re- vitalising and rekindling the spirit of a Free, Clean and Fair election across the nation, across the all sections of our society, irrespective of race, religion and political beliefs to fight and march on to the streets of justice and fairness.