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"Quality candidates" = Accountability, Competency, Governace and Transparency (ACGT).

But first,
*find them,
*show their pockets and past records, BN or PH or Pas.

so that they can serve the Rakyat and the country honestly, efficiently and effectively
by getting rid or bringing down to a minimum tolerable level of the deeply entrenched culture of Money politics, Abuse of power, Corruption, Cronyism, Patronage and Puppetry(MACCP)

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Politicians should never get involved in business, directly or indirectly !

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Another WMD = Weopon of Mass Deception on display.
Where is the evidence , following Skripal case as well?
Innocent people will suffer.

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On top of them all,
Malaysians will want a government system to be as clean and as efficient as Singapore.

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Blame ROS for created exceptionally circumstances with its last minute " hung decision " which should have been finalised months ago.

The manner and timing of rushing to pass and gazette the "Anti-Fake News Bill " and the " Redelineation of the Electoral boundaries " with little or no consultation/debate with the people have become a lingering concern on the voters going into the poll.

Unintentionally, it has affirmed the solidarity of opposition coalition.
It is more unified than before. It could be a blessing in disguise for the opposition.

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The electoral system and practice are flaw .

Whoever or whichever party wins the 14 Ge is duty-bound to immediately review and reform the electoral system and practice in order to serve the people fairly, freely, effectively and transparently.

Nobody shall lose.

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It is a hung decision.

The party got stuck in the mud.
Its purported members deep freezed.

What motive, if any?

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2 is not enough,even 20 is insufficient.
All candidates, parliamentary and state,from the divide should do so, if they wish to get elected. People are fed-up with Fake politicians.

Besides, it is their duty and obligation---an unspoken prerequisite to serve the people and the country, honestly and sincerely with unquestionable integrity.

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Could be a blessing in securing a Malaysian Tsunami with the natural dominance of the Malays ?

No one or party will be able to falsely claim and accuse DAP of targeting or eyeing for the premiership position.

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There are existing laws which deal with cheating, dishonesty, dissemination of information and communication, ....and a related list of public or private misdeeds or misdemeanors of menace/harm/damage to society that can expanded to include fake news.

The main problems are the severity of the punishment to be meted out, the swfitness, the integrity of investigation and implementation and the abuses of the laws and their applications.
Unless these problems are addressed fake news laws or any other laws are ineffective and not made in the interest of public or individual.

The episodes(Fernandes, Nestlé, ...) cited in this piece are case focused,
Not policy focused which should be the effective way to tackle fake news problems.