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Not only affecting independence of the Judiciary, but also setting precedent for open abuse where judges could be conveniently or arbitrarily extended for further 5, ...10 years or for life, after the mandatory 65 years + 6 months.

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It must not be forgotten the duty and the responsibility of the judges ( of which their judicial positions are so created) to protect and uphold the integrity and sanctity of the Federal Constitution where the rules and laws are constituted from it are under threat for misuse, abuse or compromise.

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It is better to talk about peace than war,
If it were about making history, Trump should forget about the meeting.

Both need to be sincere and genuine in working for peace.
The real issue to denuclearisation is N. Korea's deep insecurity when faced with US and allies massive armaments at its doorsteps.

Sanctions and provocations do not work for peace, but would trigger similar opposite responses.

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Uninspiring and relatively insignificant.

Where is the announcement for the return of the rights ( and money in tens, if not hundreds of billions ) to Sarawak mandated over decades as a consequence to MA63 ?

Even for this O&G sector, Sarawakians should have got much more in return, not just the appointment of a native CEO to Petros at its launch.It is a short-change.

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Looking into it "Initiatives"were announced many times before over many years ago. Nothing happens.

Their rights, Sabah included, mandated under MA 63 should not have been taken away in the first place.

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Malaysia is in a threshold moment.
The country needs to restart on a Clean Slate.
Things would get done.

Regardless of affiliations,
Quality candidates and leaders of Accountability, Competency, Good Governace and Transparency (ACGT) are what the people need and want to replace the entrenched culture of Money politics, Abuse of power, Corruption, Cronyism and Puppetry(MACCP) which had been and is root cause that had brought this country to this dire state of scandalous affairs where hundreds of billions were lost, misappropriated or stolen, leaving behind a country without strong and quality leadership s.

Published CVs of candidates and what they stand is of great help to the people to make informed choices.

Good work, Sinar Project.
But make sure the list is factual and impartial.

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Good news.
The announcement should be made binding and mandatory.

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Both the Civil Court and the Shariah Court have the power to decide, but the Shariah Court is subordinate the Civil Court.
The aggrieved has the freedom to choose which court to the case to be heard. This case ,the Civil Court. The High Court therefore should have the power to hear and decide.

That freedom of choice by the aggrieved is preserved and protected under Federal Constitution which rules Supremely.
The Federal Civil Court should thus comply with the Federal Constitution and direct the case to be reheard and decided at the High Court.

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Joshua Wong should be the last person to speak about democracy in HK, now under China's rule.

For 155 years ,no one dare to raise a voice for demanding freedom from British colonialist or allow to walk the street to protest. So tell it to the British. It is pure hypocrisy.

China has proven to serve its people. In less than 40 short years, it had lifted at least 600 million of its people to above poverty line and continue to do so.It is a feat no nation in world has ever done or can do.

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Unfounded allegations aside.

While Robert Kuok "deeply appreciate the opportunities given to him in Malaysia ",
equally, if not more grateful, Malaysia, its government and its people should be appreciative of him in making great successes of them. It was hard earned.

And it was because, in doing so, he had CREATED many more opportunities, (than he was given), jobs and developments that had crucially contributed to the growth and well-being of the country.