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An interesting take on things.

Perhaps you would find "Marshall Plan 1947–1997 A German View" of interest

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"I don't know what invasions the UK are planning, but they would still have to get UN Security Council approval before engaging."

LOL. To the best of my knowledge the UK has no plans in that direction. Indeed, in so far as I can tell, the UK does not even have the ambition to invade the Eurovision Song Contest! :)

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'Blighty Browser' made me chuckle.

Although the way things are going if the UK did decide to follow your suggestion it is possible we could end up with the 'Blowsy Blighter' instead!

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China's Foreign Ministry is said to be furious by the UK government's offer to the people of Hong Kong. It warned "Any attempt seeking to undermine China's sovereignty, security and development interests is doomed to fail."

So what do they mean by that? Could the PRC response be to force those in Hong Kong to choose between British and Chinese citizenship?

According to the South China Morning Post China does not recognise dual nationality or citizenship.

Hongkongers are subjected to some leeway according to the official document of “explanations” made by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress released on May 15, 1996, before the handover on 1997.

According to the official NPC document, Beijing does not bar Hongkongers who are holders of dual nationality to use other passports for travel purposes, but they are not entitled to seek consular protection from their second country in the city or other parts of the country. In other words, these people would only be able to seek diplomatic protection from their non-Chinese country of choice in Hong Kong if they successfully renounced their Chinese nationality and declared their other nationality.

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Are you the official Chinese spokesperson on this issue? Your posts read as if you are adopting their practice of taking the facts and twisting them out of all recognition? Have you been taking lessons from VP?

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Very well said.

I would also ask what is HMG doing about preventing investment/takeovers of British firms by the Chinese? The value of the GBP is already low and if we go into a recession our companies will be cheap as chips for foreign predators to pick off. The days of taking a laissez-faire approach to UK interests needs to end NOW!

The US has taken measures and so have the EU - see below:

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It is not just the West China is picking fights with. It was only a couple of weeks ago that a skirmish took place between Chinese and Indian forces on the border of disputed territory. https://indianyug.com/how-many-chinese-soldiers-w...

The Chinese are also establishing military posts on islands in disputed territory. It is causing concern with Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan https://www.cfr.org/global-conflict-tracker/confl...

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We have the UK's reaction to the Chinese action, we shall have to wait to see what the EU will propose. but the US response will make for some very interesting developments especially if Hong Kong expertise decamps to other shores....

The Chinese Communist Party's exploitation of U.S. capital markets is a clear and ongoing risk to U.S. economic and national security that must be addressed," Rubio said in a statement to Reuters.

"In the coming weeks, I will be introducing legislation to ban these companies from operating in U.S. capital markets and make clear to the Communist Party that they will no longer be able to exploit our financial system," he added.

The bill will also target companies that support Chinese industrial policy, according to Rubio, who spearheaded successful anti-China initiatives including legislation to sanction Beijing for its repression of Uighur minorities.

The move by Rubio, acting chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, comes as relations between Washington and Beijing have soured over China's crackdown on Hong Kong via a national security law and the origins of the coronavirus, which has killed over 125,000 Americans.

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If the UK is to successfully re-balance the economy by encouraging manufacturing and boost job creation the energy/utilities markets need looking at.

The big energy companies have been running a virtual cartel for years producing huge profits and inhibiting entry into the market by smaller players.

If a shake up of our energy suppliers were to take place with significantly cheaper energy it would be a significant boon to manufacturing and domestic consumers alike. Manufacturers could afford to pay a decent wage to their workers and it would greatly assist those in low paid jobs whose utility bills form a significant part of their income.

The added benefit would be that it would allow HMG to taper and eventually withdraw subsidies to low paid workers. Those consumers on higher incomes would have more disposable income to spend on other things keeping the economy buoyant.

To me this makes more sense than HMG subsidising low pay in dead end jobs.

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Yes expand the pre-fabricated housing manufacturing in this country - Huf have done well in continental Europe and we have manufacturers in the UK - there are even those who specialise in the affordable and social housing market. https://totallymodular.co.uk/