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Anyone want some horse stuff in Southern Cali. This is the stuff: I can probably get to anywhere outside of LA's heart(I don't like "real" Los Angeles...). Think Rowland Heights.

Not leaving the fandom, just getting some room in my room.

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Cloudsdale for PegAsusus's's....
We get music and waterfalls, though!!!!!!!
Close and restart time.

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That's not Starstruck©(mascot of 2013)...
What's this nonsense?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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"Your family will be in danger" to employees, for those of us not following the news.

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Where are all the comments?

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Cute story on the horse donation.

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This is really quite good.

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Better pick up another 5 drives on the second run.
Just in case...

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It has an old guy now, but (opinion) he doesn't feel like the Doctor.

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You have a product people will buy. It doesn't hurt them other than the wallet. And they can stop and ask for a refund on their last purchase. Helps everyone as their confidence rises via placebo effect. We assume Flim and Flam are stupid, though they might be smart enough to settle with one or two ponies to shut up as I'd like to believe they had AppleJack in the form of a percentage back secretly every time Granny bought...
Only to have the(opinion incoming) conniving, worthless character wannabe(told you) back-stab and break an agreement, a parent and sister's fun and a business opportunity for all parties involved for the sake of...
Will she straight-up tell Smith she's dying if she gets really sick.
In economic terms making money through one's talents is above logical, though evils will always try to ruin good business.(I'm assuming Equestria does not have an equivalent to the False Claims Act of 1863)