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I so wish that I didn't have three tests this week. Otherwise I'd totally do this. But I have studying to do. Perhaps I'll join in next week.

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I was totally there over the weekend and was debating whether or not to submit them... I decided not to because TO always gets pony stuff way later than any other hot topic.

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My Hot Topic store has that Derpy shirt, the Derpy is best pony shirt, the Brony shirt, A DJ PON-3 shirt, the Fluttershy yay shirt, the 'this shirt just got 20% cooler' shirt, and another that I'm totally forgetting. And an awesome belt. As well as a pin with the brony shirt design on it, and some kind of metal case with RD on it. I once saw a Pinkie shirt, but I haven't seen it in awhile.

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Adventure Time reference?

Wait... There's a group that's somewhat close to me? I must learn more about them.

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Yes, Steadfast Sky Updated!

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Find some way to combine ponies and avatar and you'll have the most perfect series known to mankind