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This painting is currently on display at the Portland Art Museum! It is truly as majestic in person as you would hope. Also, it's titled "My Wife's Lovers" which gives me so much joy.

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I once ate a non-trivial amount of puppy chow OFF OF A SIDEWALK, in full view of passersby, because I had dropped it while walking between tailgates one football Saturday in college. Granted, I was not entirely sober, but I feel this is an accurate reflection of my deep love for puppy chow.

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Oh man, going 'up North' to the lake is classic Michigan summer. I grew up going to my grandparents' cottage on Higgins Lake, which is a beautiful lake. Other lakes I have enjoyed: Torch Lake, Crystal Lake, Lake Ann, Lake Leelanau. And then there's always the Great Lakes! The entire Lake Michigan coast is beautiful and full of sandy beaches, and the Traverse Bay area near Traverse City/Leelanau Peninsula is also lovely (AND is the heart of Michigan wine country!)

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Can I interest you in some delightful, not-cruel April 1 silliness?
The Detroit Symphony Orchestra made this wonderful video:
And my local news station reported that the police department is adding a cat to their K-9 team!

I hope your tomorrow is less rage-fueled!

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I am very jealous that your cats allow you to finish a jigsaw puzzle! The moment I open the box, mine instantly assumes "OOOOOH TOYS!" and proceeds to bat the pieces everywhere :)

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I can offer perspective from when it didn't work out! Ex-beau and I had been going strong for a year when we moved in together, to the point where we were spending nearly every night together, buying groceries together, etc. Make sure you are honest with yourself and with each other about what living together does and does not mean to each of you in the context of the relationship. I think my ex and I did not do a great job of that, and when he finally understood I was in a different place he balked at the additional commitment. So not only are the logistical expectations of sharing a home important, I encourage you to discuss what sharing your life in this way may or may not mean for your relationship in the longer term. Best of luck, whatever you decide!

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Ha! I get that same feeling after a good hike- it's so rewarding to enjoy a good view that you worked for!

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You're so right! There are so many options that you could plan 100 different trips with different budgets/activities and have a great time on all of them. Thank you for confirming my suspicion that summer is likely not the time to try to see the big touristy stuff, and for the reminder that considerate is the name of the game. It is beyond me how so many Americans travel abroad and expect everything to exactly meet their expectations and comfort zone, based on how things work in the US. Experiencing new languages and customs is a big part of the magic of traveling!

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Chocolate + waffles... my kind of diet! Belgium is supposed to be very bike-friendly too, which sounds delightful.

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Logistical advice is always welcome! I don't know that I would have considered an overnight train, so thank you for that encouragement. And more so than destinations per se, I love hearing about experiences within or between those cities that folks have truly enjoyed!