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Oh boy, a topic that everyone can't agree on......

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See, I told you that anyone under 18 don't have an opinion.......

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There have been accidents on that road for as long as I can remember. Either between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, or around those curves through downtown. I moved to Cedar Rapids in 05' and have been there many times throughout my life, and it has always been accident prone. From semis flying over the side of the bridge to motorcyclists losing control. It was a problem then, and it will be in the future.

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A wreck on Interstate 380 shouldn't even make news anymore. Everyday occurance.

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What a f@g!

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Sure, lets make it easier for the SE side of Cedar Rapids to see their families back in Chicago. Heck, why don't they bring 20 relatives back with them for the trouble......

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If I were a guy from out of town and I wanted to commit a crime in that area, how would I know that was a substation when there is no sign on it?

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So what you are saying is that the next time you see a drug deal go down, you are going to take it into your own hands and shoot the thug? What is a gun going to do when you witness a drug deal go down?

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The only people I feel sorry for is his family. Port definately should have knew better than to tube in something so powerful.

I am pretty sure that I have not made a judgement call that risked my life. Thats why I don't feel sorry for drunk drivers, or anyone that plays with death. They kinda knew the consequences.

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Shouldn't your name be little rod? Cuz that is what your mother calls you.