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Besides listening, I try to make people laugh/smile. I think I'm getting pretty good at it. ;-)

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Christian isn't a term I'm very fond of either. The only time I use it to refer to myself is when I'm talking to other "Christians". When I'm talking to someone whom isn't a believer or whom I'm not sure about, I refer to myself as "daughter". That's where the "Huh?", "What the?", "Is she in a cult?", looks come in. I love those btw. Then I get to explain that the names and labels we have for ourselves and each other don't really matter. The only label/name of ours that matters is the one that God has for us, and His for me is daughter, so that's what I am. Finally, their minds are blown with my level of deep.

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Yep, we're gonna be THOSE parents.

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#MathFail! BTW, getting that shirt in black would make it even more hilarious.

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Adam, yes for the most part.

Same here Bonnie! After hearing so may amazing worship singers, I was like.....uh, I'll just do background vocals. lol

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Um...when I was younger I wanted to be a worship singer. I won every creative writing contest I entered in school. I'm the quietest person I know. I'm incredibly awesome!

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Usually, I'd have something sarcastic and douchey to say, but I got nothing. It's pretty awesome!

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I don't believe that it's our sins that are ranked, but our hearts.

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I'm in the top 10 commenters :-)

I can crawl into a freshly made bed..

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Not quite sure. I know it'll be a year in a couple months.