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Amazing call to action, los. Thank you!
What I want to know: how did you & Heather know that this is what God is calling you to?
I'm not asking as a challenge... no ulterior motive... I"m just genuinely interested in how God-following people discern his guidance.
I ask the question whenever I can b/c it's fascinating how God illuminates his will to different people. Because THAT is the crucial element of really knowing when to jump and when to stay, right?

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somehow you managed to make Tam look like the sane one. that's some seeeerious magic. :)

great pics.

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Thanks for a great post! I'm fairly certain I'll be referring a few people here to help them stop hyperventilating every time they think about jumping in the twitter pool.

I've been on twitter for about a year and a half. There are relationships (both personal and professional) that I am able to maintain daily purely because of twitter, so there's no question that it has become valuable to me.

I think there's an angle to objection #10 ("I don't know how to get started") that's worth mentioning. It is definitely easier to get started, and to 'get' it generally, if you jump into twitter with a group of people you are already connected to in some way. I was fortunate to be dragged? pushed? encouraged? to start twittering by Randy Elrod just before the re:create conference in 2008. This immediately linked me into an existing community of sorts. I can't imagine jumping into twitter blind, without some kind of community to begin following (and be followed by). Especially now that the entire twitter world has expanded so greatly.

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I think I'm in for #livelove week. I totally missed the launch of #livehappy week.

I'm probably going to have to perform TWO acts of kindness today because of my random-act-of-revenge in response to my senior pastor's shenanigans today.

Does NOT filling someone's car with shaving cream count?

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I'm smiling because when I saw this blog title come across twitter I actually did a little mental eye-rolling and didn't follow it because "sheesh-another-list-thats-going-to-try-to-make-this-all-easier-and-quantifiable-argh-argh-argh... ministry is both more complicated and more simple than these lists imply.... argh argh argh".

Today I read your post and was SO relieved to find that you went exactly the same place that I went during my mental eye rolling.

So thanks for that. And sorry for the eye-rolling. I should know better.

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Great story, los. thank you so much. I'm awed by this image of a strong, loving 'father'. and completely laughing at your perfect description of the frenzied '13 jr high cheeleaders'.... :)

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mmmmm... tastes like baby.

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My answer was going to be 'gymnastics', but after watching the video all the way through, I think it might be 'speaking French'. :)

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painfully pure blue sky.