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I wouldn't ride that on an XC bike either but I've seen it done even on a hardtail! It's all what you're used to riding and what you're comfortable doing and most importantly...your skillz! I have no doubt in my mind that the next time you'll nail it.

I have to admit though, bike geometry has a lot to do with it. Take Jen's new Syren, it's got the same amount of travel your bike does or just a tad bit more but since it's got more of a slacked out geometry so it rides more like a dh bike and it's able to take the bike step downs better like the one on the triple step.

But I know you'll nail it on your Safire and show us all up :)

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Yay! Way to go Cynthia!

And YES you do need to take us up there for a ride!!!!

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Hey Cyn, Dan here. I think your biggest weight savings will come from a lighter seat post! I know the $$$ thing a factor but if you get a nice carbon post you could save big ( up to 100g - 150g )!! The only other thing I could think of is your front brake ( 7 inch rotor ) would save you another 40g or so.

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Fun weekend Cynthia! You rocked it once again on your HT and accomplished a thing or two AND earned yourself a cheer :)

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"they look like sugar"

but he speaks the truth!

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Geez! You make me want to take it easy! I don't know how you do so much but I think I'd go insane with that schedule. I have to admit I used to be like you, just can't do it anymore.....

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Nice job Cynthia! It's interesting how much more "aware" you are of everything once you get on a fixie...I'm always looking way ahead of me and preparing for what I may need to do next. And it's cool because you're using your leg power on the way up and on the descents...crazy how much work your legs do on the descents!!!

Way to go girl!!!

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no way, you're no wuss! i'm the one riding her fixie on pavement and not dirt :)

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I'm just messing with you :) Hall and Betasso huh...that's awesome!

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get those brakes off !!!