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13 years ago @ KCRG - Former Dubuque School ... · 0 replies · +5 points

There should be no plea's in cases like these.

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It breaks my heart what that child went through during her short life. There is not enough time or punishment for her mother.

13 years ago @ KCRG - Police Investigate App... · 4 replies · +2 points

Looks like Scott Saville from channel 9 news...

13 years ago @ KCRG - Landlord Group Sues Ci... · 0 replies · +9 points

I see the bigger problem being the judges. Just ask any landlord how hard it get a eviction today, compared to 5 years ago. Very difficult and expensive and depending on the judge about 50/50 chance of ruling in your favor.
The police and landlords could be in total agreement on this issue and it still doesn't mean a thing if the judges won't enforce it.

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The orange jumper does nothing for me!

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Police said Vernia never requested or received permission to use the money for gambling. Apparently if he asked, that would have been ok then? I see the email now to his boss... Hey Bob... It is ok if I deposit a couple of thousand of the store's money into my bank account tonight, feeling lucky, going to head down to Jumer's see how I do. Reply to Andrew... No problem just keep track of how much you take.

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You just can't make this crap up!

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I used to work for a company that was based out of Missouri and when they would send up a construction crew every summer, at least 4-5 of the guys had missing fingers, eye's or severe burn scars from all the great legal firework's in Missouri.

Thank you Iowa for realizing that: Stupid People + fireworks= BAD IDEA

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Affordable housing does not mean Section 8...

14 years ago @ KCRG - Cedar Rapids Woman Rep... · 3 replies · +1 points

I think it is pretty obvious.... The landlord removed the illegal pet from his property!