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Called Att and they said I gotta wait for ANOTHER email :/ I never knew it would be this complicated. Thanks guys

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help please

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I just performed a hard reboot while connected to itunes but no congrats message came up...

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Ok thanks I was worried for a sec lol I can just wait for the JB I'm too excited for ios6 lol

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If I'm officially unlocked why not? Because we should wait for the JB?

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Ok thanks for helping me AT&T customer service is useless. I will be doing this today after ios 6 is released hopefully it'll all work out. Have a good day!

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Ok do I have to put my Tmobile sim before I do the reboot? And a hard reboot is just holding power and home at the same time correct? Also I sould get the "congratulations" screen correct?

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Hey guys! quick question, I just called ATT and had my iphone 4 unlocked but the email i got contained 2 attachments....1 said "We have reviewed your request and confirmed that you are eligible to have the requested iPhone unlocked" and the 2nd attachment said "Your unlock request is presently under review. You will receive an “Issue Tracking Number” email within the next five to seven days indicating your issue has been resolved"
I called ATT again but the rep told me to give him a case id which i didnt receive and then told me to connect to itunes and restore...which im nervous about because i dont wanna lock my phone and since ios6 is coming I def dont wanna update my BB...can someone help me? thanks

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