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Join he independence Caucus at and save our country

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You won't last long on this web site! Call for things all you want, its not going to happen. At this point in history I think there are still enough Americans with a brain to keep us safe. You know those illegals and poor people you keep having Acorn sign up for you to vote, they never get involved in this kind of debate because they don't know how. Sad though, they do vote for who will give them the most, they have learned that. Guys like you make me ill,literally sick to my stomach. I just can't get a handleon why you have a problem with any of this intelligence stuff,but not with the huge deficits, the bailouts, or the government abuse of our financial system, car companies, and budget.

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Demand all you want, it just isn't gonna happen. You wanna know why? The congress is more corrupt than the administration. Go to and see for yourself.

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You want to see the extent of the corruption? Go to You will be amazed and pissed

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We are doing that at Independence Caucus Go and join you won't regret it. It will take time but we will reshape America. This is the same way I felt during Carters administration which led to Reagan and prosperity. Hopefully we don't destroy the country by 2012..

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As discusting as that storry is ,and it is the most egregis story i've heard about voter fraud it makes my week complete. Go to if you want tosee corruption up close.

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You're dreaming, this isn't going any where. Go to and see why.

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I don't disagree with anything you've said, and the example you site is a travesty. But to complete the story,you need to discuss the management. I have a close friend in the UAW at Ford. He is a lead man on an engineering group. Let me give you an example: Ford needed something I think was called a base. It was a huge steel weldment that was used to build the vehicles on. They needed, I think he said 60 of them. When the companyy needs to make a large capital expense, by contract, the union bids on the project along with vendors. My guy was actively involved in getting the material specked and quoted. The union bid came in around $200,000. The job went to an outside vendor for over $800,000. The boss told my guy that it was an important vendor and they did Ford alot of favors, but my guy knows that one of the board members sent down an edict that "you will use this vendor" This kind of graft is going on all the time. This is but one example of this sort of behavior. So I know what you say is true,but there is another side. So I agree the union needs to do something about the union rules and streamline projects like what you explained, but these are American workers and maybe we shouldn't blame them for all the woes of the auto industry. After all the labor to make an auto is only 8%, you could take all the labor out of the price and they would still be losing money. Their real problem is our trade policy. Our markets are and have been open to any country that wants to do business here while our cars and other products are blocked in every way by our trading partners. 30 years ago when I was in college, GM had 60% of the American market and Ford had 25%. Today GM has 17%and ford has 8% of that same market. They've done allthey can to shrink their businesses to remain competitive. We encouraged foreign auto companies to come here with tax incentives and bribes to build their cars here to create jobs. Well, now in a shrinking market we expect our domestic industry to just keep plugging along like everything is rosey. Our domestic industry can't survive and one of the last American industries that pays above average wages for unskilled labor will be gone. Try critiscizing investment bankers, stock brokers, financial advisors, market analysts, all who make double or more what a UAW worker makes and don't add anything to our economy. The UAW is an easy target but when you attack them, you attack a dying American institution.

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Great post! Sad but true. I have a very close friend that is a millrite at Ford. He is in the union but a very strong conservative. I have had many conversations with him and have changed my views concerning the rank and file union workers. The union auto jobs are the last remnants of our American culture. Our culture has been dismantled by globalization. No body seems to understand what has happened to our country. Ever since NAFTA we have been giving away our manufacturing base and losing our best non-college jobs. They have been replaced with low paying service jobs and retail jobs. Over that time our standard of living has increased because of all the cheap products being imported. But now the chickens have come home to roost. Even though the products are cheaper, Americans now don't have the incomes to keep spending at the levels we have been spending. So our economy is constricting. So what has happened is we turned the biggest and most prosperous economy in the world, into a shrinking also ran economy. Obama is being advised that if the government can inject money equivalent to the constriction we will be able to weather the storm. The trouble is we are,this year constricting at double the rate we did in 2008. Because we're losing our manufacturing base we will not recover from this constriction. The government seems unable to accept this fact. Companies like GM that are constructed to survive in a growing economy, will not survive in the new, smaller economy. Meanwhile, as our economy shrinks, our $700,000,000,000 trade deficit grows,sending more and more American dollars to China and other low labor countries, which we then borrow to support the governments growth. If we are to survive, the government must shrink with the economy. But this means sacrificing social programs. Since the congress has no stomach for this kind of cutting, I think we are destined to fail as an economic power. Our dollar will collapse and what happened to the Soviet Union will happen here, or worse. So put your money in Gold and pay down your debt. I don't see a way out!

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I'm with you! I have tried topromote this idea for weeks. We should be debating ideas, not the swine flew. The headlines offered for debate appear to be more of a distraction than a discussion. Several of my posts have dealt with researched, thought out solutions and I got very little response. But I noticed that if someone posted a liberal opinion, WHOA! lookout the attack dogs go rabbid. So people are reading, but why are they unwilling to discuss solutions. If we all could get behind something instead of being against everything Obama is doing we could make a difference. Lets get organized and debate solutions. We need to elect some leaders to swtart the discussions. Again another idea that willprobably go no where. One othe thing, go to Some unbelievable videos that will change your thinking. They are just beginning to get organized and their plan sounds great. I hopeto become involved in their grass root effort