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I would argue that there is and there will always be a need for Unions. Changes in Labor laws and working conditions may change what Unions ask for or even what is to be considered reasonable. But "Organized Labor" in and of itself is not a demand - it is a capacity. It is simply a organized grouping of workers, whose skills and numbers afford them the standing to negotiate with Management on a near equal footing. That capacity could be used for any number of things (some noble, some not) But the capacity itself - the ability of blue collar working people to organize and speak up for their own interests; the ability to have a voice in the very companies that their work and labor make profitable, should not be abridged. ANY attempt to muffle or silence their voice is undemocratic...

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I'll give you a call this evening...

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But to summarize:
1. Our current system is secure (1 prosecution out of 10,000,000 votes cast means you are 6 times more likely to hit the jackpot on a slot machine and more likely to be struck by lightning twice than to find a real case of voter fraud in Kansas)

2. Empirical evidence demonstrates that Voter ID laws reduce voter turnout among legally registered voters

3. Kansas has a $450,000,000 deficit and will be cutting funding for education - so why are we spending money to "fix" a system that is not broken?

4. If we want to see proof of identification, we could accomplish that at NO additional cost, simply by having voters show their voter registration cards. (You already have to prove your identity when you register either by photo ID or SSN and then you receive a voter registration card)

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Its interesting that you say I have not made a compelling argument against it... Considering that this would be a radical change to our current electoral system, I find it odd that there simply IS no compelling argument TO DO it. All I've ever heard are people who say, " well why not?" But "Why Not" is not an argument... Secretary Kobach claims it is necessary to prevent illegal immigrants from voting - but there is NO evidence that suggests that that is a real problem. If we're going to give away money to solve imaginary problems then I'd like a grant, equal in size to what this will cost, that I will use to administer my "asteroid collision preventer".

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In their discussion with the youth group, the police acknowledged that tactical mistakes were made and that the youth were treated as if this were a college party where the attendees had vehicles or dorms they could return to. And that putting the youth into a parking lot where shots had just been fired when no one (at that time) knew who the shooter was or if the shooting would continue, was not appropriate.

The youth also asked if there was some training they could attend to assure that when future events are planned, they can have better coordination with Law Enforcement and the Party wreckers and Knuckleheads can be screened out

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when the fights broke out and a campus police office began firing his weapon in the parking lot, the other campus police officers began herding ALL of the youth INTO the parking lot... Yes, the very same parking lot where the shooting was taking place. (The Officer claims he was attempting to shoot the tires out of a vehicle)

These youth were between the ages of 14 and 16. The vast majority of them had no cars and nowhere to go. The party was stopped early so their rides were not there to pick them up. So these 14, 15, and 16 year olds were pushed off campus and left to wander the neighborhood at 11:00pm.

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Roderick, I understand and share your passion, but you are a bit off-base on this one...

No one (not the Youth and not the Branch) is defending those who came to start trouble. The youth made it clear in their opening remarks that they were happy that the police responded quickly, and that they too believed it was a travesty that a handful of knuckleheads ruined the event for everyone.

Certainly, if we were talking to the 5 or 6 youth who started fighting, your question (namely: What were you thinking?) would be first and foremeost.

But in our frustration, WE MUST NOT LOSE SIGHT of the fact that there were 200 other youth there. 200 young people who were not fighting, who were not causing trouble, and who were simply having a good time celebrating the 'graduation' of a group of young men from a leadership program.

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The facts are truncated - The investigations are ongoing so I limited the detail...

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Peter, All you need to do is file a complaint... In fact you can file it online right from this page. Just click on the link at the top left of the page (just beneath the banner) and you will be contacted by our Legal Redress Investigators.

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This IS intentionally vague; and that is at the family's request. Thankfully, some have responded...