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Reading this it appears that he was using her as his own personal bank all along. Whether she was wrong in living with him is debatable but the consolidation of bank accounts is just ... NO! She surely needed a promissory note to lend this much money but I question loaning it in the first place. I don't think I would have and if the relationship ended so be it. I just can't with this post.

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I don't know about the Steve Harvey situation but I do agree with everything you say here about wives being able to take care of themselves.

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I think this last paragraph says it all:

"It’s here where many residents and longtime observers, while cringing from the negative coverage, feel it’s about time. There might be an opportunity when the county finally takes a serious look at itself and raises its own bar."

Remaining silent while this goes on accomplishes nothing. Instead of being embarrassed residents should be ready to roll their sleeves up and work toward creating a better government.

RE: Wegmans - Perhaps a reason that many retailers weren't entering the county had to do with the alleged pay-to-play schemes. This is just a thought as we don't know the full story.

The author said people abbreviate to Prince Georges County derisively as PG. I'm not sure where that idea comes from. The people I hear calling it PG aren't doing so derisively.

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What I found disturbing what that Dr. Laura essentially told Mrs. Hanson that she shouldn't have married inter-racially if she was so racially sensitive. Of course, I don't know Mrs. Hanson but I have to assume she married her husband because she loved him. I'm sure she expected ridicule outside of her home but definitely not inside of it. I think that statement of Dr. Laura's didn't trigger a lot of response from black people because a lot of us believe the same thing.

If Mrs. Hanson had called not identifying her race at all saying her husband's friends and family come over calling her ugly or fat or something, I'm sure Dr. Laura would have offered some kind of advice instead of a rant. While race is certainly involved, what is occurring is that the husband is allowing his friends and family to disrespect his wife. I don't see what is so hard about providing advice for that if Dr. Laura is supposed to be a professional (not that I would ever seek her advice).

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Are you serious about not being able to share content outside the browser and folks having to download Blackbird to see it? If so, that goes completely against what the internet is about.

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I have TwitterFeed check my Flickr feed. It will send two photos at most no matter how many I have uploaded. There are some that seem to load random feeds into TwitterFeed and I have unfollowed them. Why do I want to read an RSS feed of the comments on your blog? Or random iPhone feeds? There are some good uses for it - look at @dcalerts. Otherwise, it's something that should be used in moderation.