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Hi Dave!
Thanks so much for getting in touch! It would be wonderful to read your book!  Can I get you to send it to me?  Did she make it to the LPGA, by the way?  Or do I have to wait and find out :-)?

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Hi Paul! Thanks so much for your comments and congratulations on the $25 gift certificate to LGB....don't use them all on one hole!

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Thanks so much for your comments Jerry! You are obviously very passionate about this subject and I appreciate that. I am very familiar with business plans from nit only my days at USC but have actually written a couple myself. In fact, it truly pleases me to read your words of wisdom because I do have a vision for this chapter of my life and am very excited for it. Please keep following and reading my posts as you will enjoy the transformation! Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future!

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Hi Steve!
Thanks so much for the tip!  I've always struggled with the block so it's something I work on regularly!  You're good to notice it :-)!  By the way, great website yourself!  I'll visit more often!

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The tourstriker is a great tool! I still use it but as golfers go, we're always tinkering and looking for new toys. I think for a female, the tourstriker is great because it really emphasizes hitting down on the ball which is a problem for most girls. For some reason (even in softball) we pull back and up when attacking and get "dinosaur arms". Good luck with your girls! They'll love it!

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Hi Richard!

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you! I'm excited for you that you're looking to improve your game! It's a constant battle for all of us out there but always worth it when you're passionate about something! I look forward to running into you in the gallery one day!


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Hi Cheri!

I've been meaning to post my equipment but I've been going through some changes so I haven't finalized anything. I've recently switched to mostly Cleveland clubs, except for the putter obviously. I did come in contact with Gemspot and we were working together to create a putter that works for me. Wendy, who is the owner of the company, is a great lady--you can contact her directly off their website:

The putter is beautiful and the gems do help with alignment--which was a little issue for me. The feel of the putter is not as soft as a scotty but it doesn't jump like the ball often does on a Ping. I think feel is definitely a personal thing so it's something you have to try for yourself. I can say that it's pretty solid over those 3 footers though! That's always comforting!

I'll be taking some photos with it soon and posting those on the site! Keep an eye out for them!

Thanks for your interest!

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Yikes Dean! Well at least your ball striking seems to be ok :-)

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Oh I have no doubts! Ha! Weird about the body though I agree. I talked to a swing coach about it and I think I have the solution though--a new 3 min warm-up before the round! I'll have to post it!

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Thanks Don!! Glad to hear you like the product! It helped me a great deal too!