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a good article on Life Hacker about this:

"He says that message has no value, and could have easily been avoided if the sender asked all recipients to reply directly to them with concerns, or ended the message with "no need to respond, I just wanted you all to be aware of this." Even better, you can foot your messages with "if you have any questions, give me a call" and avoid the inbox altogether".

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"we don’t have principals, associates, or analysts."

Do you find this simplifies things and enables you to focus easier on the highest priority stuff or are you bogged down by busy work, logistics and other things an Associate may help you with?

I have found in Product Development, adding more people usually introduces more non-core, not-important activity into the effort.

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Rocky Mountain Product Camp is Nov 13th in Denver!!/RMPcamp

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Curious about your Skype setup, have you done anything special to optimize? I use Skype all day now for conf calls and video chats and am always looking for ways to improve. Thanks!

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My back pain struggle that began after a run at the Glue Conference this year was due to overly tight leg muscles from a lack of stretching and skipping yoga classes. My doc recommended constant stretching which I do throughout the day now and things have gotten better over time. Good Luck man, I know it sucks.

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As a mostly Product Manager/Owner and sometimes Developer, I've found there are often exceptions in installing Ruby on Rails related things on OSX.

In the Enterprise, the Mac has sometime conflicts with other systems, usually calendaring/email attachment related. I've found this is typically the other system failing to support common standards the mac adheres to (such as .ics).

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Congratulations Derek, get ready for a good ride!

Last night at the Boulder New Tech meetup a student was talking about the Deming Center Venture Fund, a student run fund through CU. Great to see this happening all over.

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Halfway through it now Natty. I love listening and reading what those guys have to say, very inspiring. Thanks for the comments.

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1. setup Trial account - 15 seconds
2. choose WordPress install - 1 minute
3. used Terminal program to ssh in, 10 seconds
4. found IP address, ready to configure an A record

A super smooth, easy setup. So far so good.

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What a great idea Mark. I just showed this to my wife as something to add to the Life List.

If you make it to Tanzania, specifically Moshi or Arusha, lookup my old friend and Kili Guide Wilfred Cyril Moshi: