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i love the remarkably creative ways that our infinitely creative GOD chooses to reveal Himself to us. *i think sometimes we (especially me) are so dense/stubborn that He has to get REALLY creative!

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in other news, a local porcupine is wanted on 3 counts of assault with a deadly hair-do.

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psalms- shane and shane. taught me how to hide His word in my heart. the only way i knew how. music.

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in the fall, i realized that i was really getting nothing out of all these great books i was reading, because i was going through them so fast just to get to the next one on my list. so, i made myself slow down to one chapter of one book per week for a while. i got so much more out of the book/life when i finally slowed down.

[i'm not going that slowly now but still considerably slower than i was]

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i grew up a southern baptist preacher's kid. LIFE IN THE FISHBOWL. now, i work at a non-denom church with women pastors. glad i got our alive. haha

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i think simplicity is going to reign again. maybe more than ever. i'm not saying that we won't use technology or that it won't be creative, but i do think that things will become much simpler...

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we are called to preach truth. hope faith love. these are always relevant. if we're asking how we can make it more relevant, we ARE asking the wrong question. i think it really goes along with being "in the world" but not "of the world." the question of relevance came out of christians creating such a bubble for themselves that they no longer were even "in the world." they were in their own little world.

so, i think the relevance question came out of a good place, namely, "how can we be "in the world" again." however, i think that time has passed now.

los, i agree with you that it is ALL about real relationship now!