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Well said. As Boris Johnson famously said “F*** Business”. Whatever happens with Brexif both have lucrative careers in Hedge Funds and Journalism so even if they lost their seats as candidates for the new ERG party and all the Jaguar workers lost their jobs then Boris and Mogg would still be rich and fine

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Why don’t the ERG just set up a separate party?

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So we are now known as the party of tax rises? What is the difference between us and Corbyn. Oh yes, Corbyn has 600,000 members and we have at best 123,000. That’s about it?

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Javier says our Allies would help us. Who exactly are our allies these days? Do we have any?

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Along with Chris Grayling (who hates commuters) Bradley is another minister who has an astonishing lack of sensitivity about her job. Amazing that the overlords of the DUP have not ordered Mrs May to sack her

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I think it’s totally understandable that she is unpopular. Terrible leadership. However for sure if yet another Conservative leader is felled because of Europe surely that would mean a general election wouldn’t it? And probably another hung parliament but almost certainly with advantage to Labour. What would be worse? More May or Corbyn?

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Why do we not hear any positive impact on our Economy from a hard Brexit? Even the Express, Telegraph etc none of them tell us about any positive effects apart from lower immigration. With unemployment at less than 4%, the lack of labout probably means the advantages of a very low pound will mean that businesses wont be able to expand for 2 reasons:
1. Lack of people to take up jobs
2. Prices of foreign raw materials will skyrocket

So probably businesses will have to close down or downsize

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Very rare and sensible article from Henry Newman. The facts are clear. David Davies sat in the DEXEU department for 2 years and did nothing. Boris Johnson has caused problems for every leader since Michael Howard and still there are CH readers who think he would make a a good PM.

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Assuming there are 100,000 Con party members that represents 0.15% of the UK population.

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It was reported today that Michel Barnier, a Frenchman is insisting that a customs border be drawn along the Irish Sea. Imagine if a British official working for the EU demanded such a situation on French territory. However this could be the consequence of Brexit sadly and could lead to a slow break up of the UK.