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Disturbing. Today's secret service is either woefully incompetent, or willfully negligent. Neither is even remotely acceptable.

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Feels like we've all been ridden hard and stabled sweaty. Gaslight anyone?

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Someone PLEASE tell me this isn't real. Freaktards like this are why the POTUS can't even visit the crapper without a Secret Service escort. If the outside is this scarey, just imagine what the INSIDE must look like! Probably gots an altar and some holy statues and stained glass and stuff. Oh, and wine. LOTS of wine. Or really really cheap beer. Pathetic doof.

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Those aren't eyes the hills have. They're hefty bags. Bajillions of 'em. No, something's moving... The hill IS hefty bags! That's settles it. Just TRY and keep Palin from parkin' her trailer home there now. Thanks Arizona!

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Yup, them be some hefty boots the babes be packin'. Law in most states requires, at minimum, that they staple on a couple of red warning flags.

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morons...Georgia... yep, sounds redundant to me.

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If this is the kind of mindless legislation he proposes for Texas, one can only imagine the juvenile games he might subject the whole country to as POTUS. So glad his candidacy hasn't a snowball's chance of surviving hades' heat.

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GOP: no conscience, no soul, no surprise. Saddens me to realize that if the Rapture HAD happened last weekend, and regardless of their professed christianity, they'd all still be down here scaring babies and pushing old people off cliffs.

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We Alaskans will be ever so glad to see the back end of her pickup truck headin' south fer Arizoney. She'll fit right in there. Arizonans, beware. Having thoroughly embarassed the 49th State and its residents, she'll be gunnin' for ya'll now too, no doubt about it. Definitely do send photos of Toad trying to high-mark a sand dune on his snow machine. That should be reality show gold - must see tv for sure.

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..."after Newt pulls out in shame …. which, come to think of it, is probably something he does a lot."

Thanks much, Wonkette! That image will probably haunt me for the rest of my life. Please excuse me now. I have to go wash my mind out with lye soap or something.