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Such a dumbass. She was advocating for a freind with ovarian cysts, whose doctor prescribed this treatment option But you go ahead and make it something it is not. That is what the right wing media excels at.

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So you want to legislate YOUR phony morality. Big gubbermint at its biggest and best. Big gubberMINT is fine if its my point of view, right, genius? Since you are a self contained unit,,,, no wonder you are jealous of anyone who is isn't.
Both genders who have sex can appreciate birth control. Tha makes you disqualified to comment

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I see your mindset is to deny anything inconvenient to your world view by making up any imaginary excuse to discount the value of any voice, person, opinion, or fact.
By your reasoning, this B bot site is a paid agitator too. so stop patronizing this site if you don't think paid agitators are valid sources of if, as if you were to value consistency...HAHAHAHA if,,,INDEED.

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She pays for her private health insurance and by your reasoning why should insurance pay anything to anybody else but ME? Why should my insurance pay for your heart disease, psych counseling, addictions, cancers, diabetes???...Its COMMY-NISM FOLKS!!! Insurance is Collective COMMY-NISM!
So if you don't like COMMY insurance ...DON"T BUY IT! You are FREE to NOT BUY it.

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Taxpayers?????Are you nuts?...or can you not comprehend the facts. Ms Fluke pays for a private insurance plan. This has nothing to do with taxpayers. Thank you for proving how utterly stupid b~bots are.

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And if I said those rant curse words, you b~bots would condemn my filthy language. What a bunch of brain dead....

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That is the nicest thing any little b~bot has ever said about me in over a year at B~bot.
What strain are you smoking today? Bubba Kush?

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That's what you resort to say when you cannot addres the fact that B bot's biggest stories were trumped up horseshhit

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Yo! Little b bots!: I'll have what he's smoking.

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Hate farmers too, eh?