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After the lecture about homosexual relationships and the difficulty of coming out of the closet i thought long and hard about a way to make it easier for suspected queers to come out to their family and friends. In some cases, like the one in class, parents and friends already have suspicions of homosexuality and some might even take the initiative and say something first. But in real life situations parents usually have no idea are not exactly accepting of the thought and friends might take it as a joke an not fully believe the person coming out. For a long time i had a bizarre fear that my kid would be queer. I thought by having a gay son I would be the laughing stock of my area and a failure as a man because I could not successfully raise another straight man. In the last four or five years i have thrown this fear out of my head. It is not a sign of failure if someone your kid does not grow up to be exactly like you. I would be completely accepting if my kid was queer and I would not ask any dumb question like some ignorant parents would. The same goes with interracial dating.
My parents, however would not be so accepting. The generation i am in is the marginal generation for acceptance. I feel like a lot more people born within the last 20 years are more accepting and understanding when it comes to things like race and oreintation in comparison to people born 20 years before us which as a whole makes us a more accepting community because parents tend to have more leway when it comes to their own kids. I have more gay friends then my parents had and my guides will have more gay friends then i did and even a higher chance of being gay themselves.

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Urban societies are a lot more strict when it comes to drugs in comparison to suburban communities. The reason that many people believe is racial profiling. Police target African-Americans and other minorities simply because they can. This reason seems highly unfair and highly unlikely. The urban societies are prone to a lot more violence then suburban ones. This is the reason i believe that police are a lot more cautious and proactive when it comes to drugs in urban societies. When is the last time someone in a rich private school got jumped and severally beaten. I came up with this idea when watching a special on drugs in the prison system. Drugs in the prison system are present and highly circulated. Drugs can be even easier to find in the walls of the prison. Guards know about the drugs and probably could do a lot to prevent it but they don't. the reason being is that some people are more peaceful on drugs. The only people that they prevent from using drugs are the people who commit violence while high and i think the same thing goes for drug users outside of the prison system.

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Growing up as a black american is a lot different from growing up as a white american. There comes a point in a black person's life where they realize that they are different from a lot of people and that some people do not like them just because of something as small as skin color. One can only imagine the type of prejudice actions that an african-american may face. A white person who believes all the stereotypes of black people of the 90's would believe that blacks can be very hostile when engaged with someone of another race. This can push a lot of non-black or white people to judge every black person they encounter which can eventually push that black person into stage 3 as we discussed in class.
If a black person is exposed to racial variety at a young age he/she would have a better understanding of the prejudice actions taken against him or her therefore they would learn how to cope better with racist actions and the ignorance of certain people. Experiencing this at a young age would help a black person get through stage three and not hate all white people because of few racist ones.

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against the* law. (i also hate making mistakes)

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Racial discrimination should be illegal. Thanks to affirmative actions it is some what against to law to preform acts of discrimination and prejudice. And if someone does a violent crime because of race a person can get life in jail or execution, depending on the state. Sam said in class that we have come a long way. Maybe there is no way to get rid of it or maybe that is what they want me to think. I think that if everyone was the same race they would still find a difference and a reason to hate. People love to love and they love to hate. Everyone hates. You hate him or she hates you or they hate each other. We can all name one thing a person does that we just hate.

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btw the joke about how some nyc girl was hilarious!!!

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Lin is the first of his kind to make a huge impact in the national basketball association. The simple fact that he is a member of the new york knicks magnifies the situation. I do not know who was responsible for creating and editing that headline but they should be fired immediately. It was extremely racist and no where near humorous. Headline are supposed to be catchy and clever not rude and racist.

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Not all races disassociate with their race. if you mistake a person for being another race then they should correct you. To call a group of Koreans a bunch Asian, the first thing they will do is correct. Overgeneralizing is a common political incorrectness. Calling me just black or African American i would accept that because how i look. Just looking at me the average person wouldn't be able to(or care to) see that i am mixed with Jamaican and British. My mother's mother is a white lady. My father's roots trace back to southern America. The reason people would say that disassociate with their ethnic group is because they do not be seen as just one type of person and that group's stereotype. i witnessed blacks not claiming african american. Blacks disassociate more often because their are little to known positive aa stereotypes that dont include sports.

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The only thing that this video proves is that ignorance is sad. Luckily we can turn it into funny late night television. (good ol' American media) People, who i call news fundamentalist, believe anything that the media says. Educated Americans know not to digest every piece of shit the media puts on our plate and tries to lie and call it food!


The stupid eat it and this is how videos like this is even possible. People rather believe stereotypes and apply them to every other person except themselves. I don't see the race of a person when I first meet them. I see info like urban or suburban, rich or poor, hot or not, smart or dumb. At the end of the day each race or religion contains at least every single type of person and just because you are a different races doesn't mean you cannot have similarities.