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Wait... That voice actor... That sounds suspiciously like Mariya Ise.

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Spike should be her brother....

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So, I guess we are honoring one of the cutest ponies from the series :D

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Twilight. She needs love.... literally, but keeping it PG right now. And probably anywhere she wants.

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I think it would be cool to have Princess Twilight be evil... maybe controlled by a certain Changeling Queen?

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Grimble Grumbs!

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wow wow wait.... Lauren said she would design characters for them? dang.... That's pretty cool and all, but still either way, Mugen is never taken down. Mugen is a fighting game where you can download characters from anything and put them in the game. They have never gotten a lawsuit of any kind. Yeah, I know it's user created content, but also, it does not profit and is not doing anything more than being a game on the internet. I have seen some worse, FAR worse games based on MLP: FiM. Such as Banned from Equestria 0_0 yeah, where is the legal action for that?

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Hmmmm. Would be a great place to post my story..... when it is done. I take awhile with this stuff :/

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This episode was never aired for obvious reasons you shall soon find out...
It started with Scootaloo being born, her parents were so happy that she turned out so beautiful. They went home and they had fun and played together almost all night, but things went for the worse. They heard a knock at the door and saw the thunder bolts! Wow, Scootaloo's mom was a huge fan, and her dad had a collection of signed pictures from them! They asked to come in, and so they did. At first they seemed nice, but then, they started saying some weird things, nothing that the thunderbolts would say. The mother noticed this and questioned them stating "Who are you?", He laughed. He changed into his true sinister form of a changling and began to pounce onto Scootaloo's mom, her father attacked the changeling telling mom to "take the baby and RUN!" she did. She did not get far, turns out they were waiting for that, as sixteen changelings came out of the shadows and in an effort to save their child, flew as high as they could and tossed her in a downstream river. The changelings got to the parents and they devoured them whole, seeing how they could not take little scoots place... Rainbowdash asks where her parents are, and scoots does not know, so they hunt and find their way to the Hive.

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Okay, I'm going to try and make sense of all of this right now. Let me put it into what I think Equestrian logic would be like, you achieve alicorn status by being royalty and to become an alicorn powerful magic must be cast on you and would be permanent and can only be casted by an alicorn, but then how did Celestia and Luna get it, well perhaps it was an accidental doing of Discord, or maybe Discord is the only one that can turn ponies into alicorns... that could be what they "need" him for.