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Yea!!! If my sister was that stupid! Give her name out. Let her be responsible for her actions.
These idiots got hung up on HOW Caylee died...Really??? It wasn't the HOW but the WHO that mattered. and if you read any of the jurors statements they knew Casey killed Caylee...but let her loose anyway because of the question with the how.
Like it mattered if she shot,drowned, or strangled Caylee...She's still dead and Casey did it...
No justice from the jury...Then give us their names.

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canuctruth, I like to think I support reason and common sense...Both of which are lacking in the American Political arena...and you are ABSOLUTLY CORRECT about how Obama got elected...It continues to baffle me on how the American public is so gullible and are continually sucked in by the BS that is being shoveled to them.

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Yes! Thank you...I keep telling these people Bachmann is an ignorant bigot who hides her closet phobia's behind religious righteous. Unfortunatly logic and common sense seem not to matter. Instead of looking at what Bachmann is accually doing and what her REAL GOALS are, I guess its just easier for everyone to jump on the "all is well" bandwagon.
Unfortunatly people are sheep who will follow without thought---and thats how unqualified exsteamests like Bachmann get elected.
but I'm with you brother.

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The headaches come from all those little voices in her head, and the stress of being a bigot.

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One of her lawyers said "She needs to go underground for a while..." How about 6 feet?

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Amen brother! and lets get the death penalty...AND USE IT, so were not paying for their free cable and internet. They ARE NOT going to suddenly turn into community leaders and responsible adults They WILL re-offend when they get out.

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15 years?...He should get 15 bullets!

I guess he didn't have Casey Anthony's lawyer

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Typical politician.

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QUICK...Hire Casey Anthony's attourney...

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But if you spay a cat in North St Paul....LOOK OUT.. .http://kstp.com/news/stories/s2185059.shtml