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I love you all so much I'm staying up to read! It's midnight here and you go out with the new day.

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I am organising a bulk order of totes! I have made a Google Form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1j8ZyCrPGXR5v8vPu... and you can pay about $7.20 AUD shipping (I'm gonna buy flat rate prepaid post satchels) plus the cost of the tote. I will leave the form up until 8pm Sydney time on Sunday 26 June, after which I will order whatever totes you lovely folk have asked for. It's 11.30pm here so I'm going to bed but I'll be home all weekend and keeping an eye on it.

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Oh excellent, I can buy the cheapest prepaid postal satchels if the Aussie bulk order happens. Thanks!

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Hello, it is I, one of the eager beavers!

A bunch of us Australians are thinking of doing a bulk order, and I stuck my head over the parapet and volunteered to do the actual ordering and stuff. Would you be able to tell me the size of the totes, like what size envelope do you plan on putting them in? I'm trying to work out postage for when I send them onto people and it's doing my head in. If I have the dimensions I can figure out what kind of mailing satchels to buy and how much it'll cost to mail them.

It's 11pm here so I'm about to go sleep but THANK YOU for looking after us international readers!

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I had wisdom tooth surgery three weeks ago! Here is what I liked: applesauce, stewed rhubarb (applesauce and stewed rhubarb together is most delicious!), greek yogurt with both of the above, cream of cauliflower soup (don't make a lot, I got sick of it pretty quick), ramen with overcooked noodles and a poached egg, really squishy french toast. I found that I missed salty food really quickly, so if you make savoury food, err on the side of salty! You can soak toast or bread in soup so it goes squidgy. Oh, and chocolate mousse for dessert.

Also: if his painkillers have opiates in them, alternate them with ones that don't. TMI, but I got terrible constipation from too much panadeine (tylenol plus codeine).

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My parents have an avocado, citrus, and custard apple orchard, and my dad has very serious opinions about varieties. I convinced him to buy a new variety of orange tree (Cara Cara red navel) and every time we talk he gives me updates on it. He's very pleased that it's red all the way through, because his blood orange trees give patchy-colored fruit and he thinks the nursery cheated him on them.

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It is possible and indeed very soothing to sing Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening to the tune of Greensleeves! My mum used it as a lullaby, along with making up her own verses to Brahms' Lullaby.

This also applies to quite a lot of Emily Dickinson.

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I'm also in Australia and oily in the t-zone and dry elsewhere!

My recommendation: Sukin brand moisturisers/cleansers and what have you. They are mostly made out of plants and are vegan and free from many things. I use the facial moisturiser for most of my face, a little less of it on my t-zone than elsewhere, and the foaming facial cleanser for washing my face. I don't cleanse my face when I get right out of the shower, I only use it when I haven't showered or when I'm about to go to bed. They also have a bunch of fiercer cleansers out now, I think they're charcoal-based, but I don't use them myself so I can't review them. Fun fact: the body lotion and the facial moisturiser are exactly the same product in different sized bottles, so if you find you like the facial moisturiser, just buy the body lotion and you can save money overall and use it on the rest of yourself.

I buy Sukin stuff at Chemist Warehouse and/or Priceline, most of the major pharmacies carry it, but not any supermarkets as far as I know.

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I got Toast Post in the mail yesterday! I got home really late so I haven't read it yet, I'm saving it for this evening.