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she does meth now??? when does she do that? it must be when you are with her since you know her soooooo well....rightttt...brianna does not do meth...

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read the articles??? i dont need to read articles..ive read the facts...period...tanager police reports autopsy...all of it ..the whole 9..and i do love her and i hold her hand and hold my head up high proudly..and i want to know how everyone in this state knows how violent i am....its people like you that on some days i just pray they say something to her so everyone can find out for certain instead of just speculate.and another thing there were not numerous abortions thats a rumor so get it straight..and who are you anyway if your even bold enough to say?

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and as for the girl who bets her life lee is innocent ...i hope lightening does not strike you dead tonight if you attend his trial you will see the truth revealed of how he tortured and brutally murdered skylay kristine volesky-inman........

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..brianna volesky is the strongest person i have ever come across in my life and i am proud to be in her life ..she is 19 years old and has buried her child , been tricked and abused by a predator, arrested, and been labeled all wrong by the public and media..every single friend she once had is long gone and i cannott possily imagine what it feels like to be whispered about and labeled as a mother who let her boyfriend hurt her child. brianna never let him hurt her ...the abuse was a secret and he made a strict nightly routine consisting of brianna making the dinner and him bathing skylar...we now know that this gesture was not made in order to "bond" with her as he said..but as a way to hide the horrible proof of his cowardness...bri i love you and anyone who ever was and still is a real friend to you knows that you are not even capable of the things they say..dont worry bri there are women out there that feel your pain and that have been victims themselves of the type of predatory man you thought you once loved...dont be angry at the people who are still blinded by the lies he has told and is telling they will soon be enlightened by the truth

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i first want to say that this is my real name and everyone who posts other names instead of their own are cowards...now lets look at the real events that happened.. brianna was tricked and charmed by a man named lee muldoon with promises of a good life and stability...something every woman wants for her child..she found out that the wonderfulness he presented was a facade and that in "real life" he was a narcissistic,angry,obsessive compulsive,controlling,jealous abusive sociopath...he wanted her to be the submissive, barefoot and pregnant, dinner on the table,never look him in the eye kind of subordinate he tried to control her with money telling her to stay home and take care of skylar and the house (HIS HOUSE) and of course the almighty lee..he never let her forget everything was HIS and the money was all HIS...everything was his including her..somewhere along the way she lost herself distancing herself from her friends and family per his wishes...he abused brianna mentally and emotionally and a few occasions physically, but always keeping up appearances to on lookers as the perfect boyfriend and (father) so he wanted to see himself as.