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Amazing.....@ what point is BHO going to blink, grow a backbone & eliminate this guy? Oh wait, he's a muslim too didn't you know. :-))

And then this turd is allowed to even set foot on American soil & speak at the UN? It's insanity.

Great post.

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SUCH A DEAL....10,000 muslims all together, just a small Israeli tactical would work, right? Then go after phatso big mouth Ahmed. All get a free ride to paradise. Get the popcorn, the movie Fitna is getting ready to start.

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Sure hope the "letter" by Obama was Taqiyya in reverse. Maybe part of the "stealth Jihad" that the Western countries are using to undermine Islam worldwide? Talk of working it out, but planning on leadership changes in Islamic countries by use of the "sword"?

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Looks like the Israeli's did the Palestinians a favor with all the "aid" flowing in from around the world...I'm thinking a 20% cut for the Zionist?

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Actually I'm for the release of all the detainee's...once the poison tablet & GPS locator is implanted, then you "free" them under the "ALLAHU" program. If they come up on the radar for any Jihad involvement...you let ALLAHU take them to paradise. I'm thinking this should even save the taxpayers a few coins?

Allahu akabar

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Well, if they can have stealth Jihad, then we should be able to be smart enough to give them a small present of infected fleas....now that the test worked, let's move on to Pakistan?

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I'm in Southern California & again it's sad that USA aid goes to any Islamic country...GO INDIA.

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Just read your comment, though know very little about your last four wars with Pakistan, but your saying that the West supported the Muslins is hard to believe though you may be right. But today, coming from an American from S.CA, Pakistan has been linked to 80% of the Worlds terrorist acts & I fully support India & am against any Islamic country.

ALL USA financial & Military Aid needs to STOP going to any Islamic country.

The West needs to wake up to the Stealth Jihad & the West being viewed as dhimmi's.