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Some books that I've recently reread, worth reading if you have the time. I purchased them when a lawsuit came my way, but found they were more useful now.

The Death of Common Sense - How Law is Suffocating America - Philip K. Howard
The Excuse Factory & Litigation Explosion - Walter K. Olson
The 48 Laws of Power & The 33 Strategies of War - David Greene

And of course Glenn Beck's Common Sense, mailman delivered it yesterday, it was a great book!

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I've had a hard time understanding just how people reach the conclusion that 912'ers, tea party attendees, and the like are the same as the "9/11 truthers". While I know anyone who doesn't subscribe to progressive movement will always be scapegoated by the media, and it really doesn't shock me that we get lumped into the same group, it irritates me.

Anyway, I may have found a good reason why people may think we're all in the same boat. I recently went to a site for what was advertised as a local group of people tired of big government, a group that invited people to join in their "tea parties". I read through everything, all looked well, then I am led to sign up at meetup.com to keep current on the "tea parties" and get involved. I was thinking, great, I will now get off my couch and move into the streets. I'm filling out the registration for the meetup thing for this group, and I get to the last question, "When did I discover the truth about 9/11? And how did I find the truth?" It became clear at this point that this had nothing to do with wanting lower taxes and less government. And if this group did want those things, it was most likely to prevent our government from using taxpayer money to bomb U.S. cities, or something along those lines.

Moral of the story is this, remain vigilant always, even when you think you are among friends. While I question most of what I am told by my government, and refuse to stand firm in my beliefs without reading all sides of an argument, the 9/11 truthers have yet to provide any shred of evidence to back up their accusations. But they, like any other group of people that doesn't hold the same beliefs as our government are allowed to speak what they believe to be true, and to publish their opinions because of our right to free speech. As much as I would love not hearing any more of their "truths", I will never support any law or amendment to our constitution that limits the content or subject of "free speech".

Be very careful when joining a group, make sure it is what it appears to be. No need to give the media any reason to believe that Fox News has somehow led it's viewers to become 9/11 truthers. I thought I was getting involved with a local tea party, turns out it was a truth protest, in a kids' park of all places. I actually was linked to the site from this site, which I will make sure gets reported.

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Correct about the first part, it's just like any other, manufactured, orchestrated, planned, whatever you'd like to call it. And I'm sure we'll come out of it when we give into what Morgan, Rockefeller, and the others get whatever they want this time

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Quick stupid question: Why does the Federal Reserve Bank have a government web address when it is a PRIVATE organization? Up until I decided to educate myself on such issues a bit over a year ago, I was under the mistaken believe that the fed was owned and operated by the government, when it is fact the other way around. The fed operates and owns the US government. Shouldn't it be a .com to make it "transparent", less misleading? I mean, I go to whitehouse.gov, I'm supposed to know that I'm not at a website for a private citizen down the road that lives in a white house, correct? It's not transparent, it's illegal for private organizations to mislead the public into believing they are government agencies, and they have to state the fact that they are contracted by the government, and not actually the government.

Does this country have laws anymore?

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Wow, I figured it was filtered because it was a bad word in itself. I never thought people would use it to promote male endurance. Now I'll be forever wondering if the manufacturer knew that or if it was a freak accident.

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My husband and I have owned 90% of a closely held corporation for years, until recently, we had steady profits. Unfortunately, we will be heading to bankruptcy court this week. We've tried to keep it alive since January, despite the drop in sales, even taking no pay ourselves, while still providing our employees on unemployment to keep their benefits, which have been FULLY paid by us, including their dependents. Why do we have to give priority to our secured lender? We have a secured loan, which included a personal guarantee, and thus forces us to file personal bankruptcy as well. We will lose our cars, which we saved and paid cash for. We will lose our home, which was not bought irresponsibly, the payment was 1/8th of our NET pay, not gross, well below borrowing guidelines. We had no other personal debt. Yet unlike GM, and Crysler, the president won't step in in our case and tell the secured creditor to take less, so we can at least put a roof over our kids' heads. I don't appreciate what they are doing with the auto industry, nor would I expect the bankruptcy court to forget the rules on a case by case basis. Our leadership is leading our country seriously astray in all aspects. This is insane!

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I have read and reread the constitution, and I see NOTHING in it about czars, not a darn thing. I also don't see where it states the president has the sole authority to do anything without the vote of congress, unless it is an EMERGENCY, you know true EMERGENCY, like defending our country against a threat. I guess the people who wrote that document probably thought the American people, or our leaders, would need a definition of the word emergency. Every thing is an "emergency" these days, which makes me even more skeptic. Create a crisis, and you can do just about anything, without too many catching on to what you're actually doing.

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Wow, I am going to spread that as far as I can if you don't mind. I think we all watch the GM and Chrysler stories in horror, knowing full well that there is indeed an enormous amount of grief and suffering behind the scenes, at the Dealer levels. As the owner of a small corporation, and someone who has studied corporate and bankruptcy law, someone like myself could only dream of not having to give every asset I own not only for my business, but personally as well, over to the secured creditors. But for us, we don't have that luxury. In our case it wouldn't affect a large group of actual people, it would only affect one bank, and not by much, yet the bankruptcy laws aren't bent for us. It is horrific to think about the Chrysler and GM bankruptcies, and just how much power is being taken away from the Judiciary by the President himself, it is indeed unconstitutional. People need to see the human side of this atrocious misuse of power.

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Um, what law states we have to pay taxes on our wages? I mean, other than the IRS man's badge, which they have, over an over, when asked this question, stated IS the law. I'm not speaking of the Tax Code, I mean in the state laws, and constitution. We've all been "voluntarily" paying taxes on our wages, because "it's the right thing to do", not because there is a law mandating it.

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I couldn't watch. I let the kids watch cartoons for the better part of yesterday. I did watch Red Eye, but I can't watch the other stuff anymore. The "climate change" preachers are much the same as Nazi's in a way. I don't equate them with humans in general. Here's my take. People promoting and believing the junk science behind Global Warming(the old, ineffective term) are much the same as Nazis. They are Godless, or if they "believe" in a God, they obviously think that THEY have more power than God. That they have the power to change the weather, the course of natural disasters, which I believe is a power that only God himself possesses. They criminalize those of us who don't subscribe to their dysfunctional belief system. We are, according to them, people who obviously must hate the earth, rednecks, stupid, mentally deficient in some way, brainwashed, and the list goes on. The two groups are similar in many ways, they rally around a belief system that says they are superior to any God that may exist, that they indeed possess a power that is greater than God. It's called Idolatry last I checked, or false preaching, it is indeed the same theology at work behind both beliefs.

Nothing is beyond belief anymore. I'm honestly not surprised at Sarkozy's words, which is quite sad. He had it wrong though. Fighting "climate change" is not the same as fighting Nazi's, fighting the Godless "climate change" activists would be a more accurate equivalent to fighting Nazis. I'm not saying that it is the same, but it's closer than his equation. Lord help us all.