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Does anyone know how if there is any access to Mark Reads videos anywhere? They seem to have all been removed from Youtube.

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At some point (I don't remember what chapter) I figured out that Syen was a grown up Damaya. But I didn't actually put it together that Essun was also the same person because the jarring narrative voice of the second person felt so far removed that I couldn't immediately connect her to Syen and Damaya. I mean it makes perfect logical sense that if two of these characters are the same person the third one is as well, but I didn't put that together until a little later.

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The most experience I have had with second person narration is of course the Choose Your Own Adventure books--this is the first real serious attempt I think I've read of it and it is super intense!

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Yesterday I walked into the living room and found my roommate crying while watching Inside Out. Such a good movie.

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Spoilers for this series gb gur raq bs Boryvfx Tngr

Ner gurl gryyvat ure guvf ng gur fgneg bs n arj ortvaavat fb fur’yy erzrzore jung pnzr orsber?

Ubyl penc Znex--gung vf n curabzrany yrnc gb znxr fb rneyl naq fb ragveryl npphengr. OENIB.

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I've been in semi-lurk mode for a while, mostly because I need to catch up on a lot of discworld books I haven't gotten to yet and didn't want to spoil myself. I'm excited though for this series! I listened to the entire series on audiobook a few months ago and WOW it is GREAT.

I need to re-listen/review what happens in each chapter so I remember and have context (and don't inadvertently post spoilers) but I'm excited for your new journey Mark!

Also--BECAUSE I listened to these on audiobook, this is the first time I have seen some of the names of people and places in print and I always have this weird moment where I have to figure out who/what the name applies to after going through a book/series entirely by audio--my brain doesn't translate to print automatically the same way I subconsciously translate print to auditory via sub-vocalization.

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Wait, so is Nanny's Ogg's Cookbook not going to be done? I hope you have a chance to read it on your own Mark--it is hilarious!

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I don't think I need the multiple season convoluted story arcs of the past few years, but it would be nice to have a more cohesive season story arc. However I do feel like there is a strong thematic arc--the message that you have a choice and you can choose to change, you don't have to be forever what you are now. Except for all the number of times that the Doctor has given that speech this season I don't think anyone has taken her up on it. The closest we come to seeing someone make a choice to change is the aliens in "Demons of the Punjab" except we never saw their villainy in the first place.

Though I guess there is an argument that we do see small incremental change in some cases ...

Also, Hello! I haven't been over here on Watches for a while (Watches was watching shows that I haven't watched yet) and I didn't realize until last week Mark was catching up on Dr. Who!

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Didn't we see it also in Witches Abroad with the witch who gave Magrat the magic wand?

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I'm with you and I'm not German. I have friends and family that have Google Homes etc but I will NOT get one.

I would love to buy a more fuel efficient/environmentally friendly car but I want a car that can't track me and doesn't have any OnStar type thing and doesn't reports to my insurance company. I don't even want a built in GPS and certainly not an "infotainment" system.

I periodically go through all my devices and I seem to always find some setting that I somehow missed previously that collects usage statistics or data or tracks something etc.