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For me, Halloween - like New Year's Eve - is one of those holidays where I feel I *should* do something but I never do. As someone who loves to dress up, it's both a relief and v disappointing. We live in an apartment building where trick-or-treating is Not Allowed, and we don't have that many friends so no party invites for us. A few years ago when I was a Girl Guide leader I got all dressed up for our Halloween party and then felt sad that my only dress-up occasion was a weekday evening with 9-11 year olds that wasn't even on the actual day (at least they liked my costume!)

Tomorrow I'm cleaning out my closet, so that should be frightening. Monday I'm planning wearing an orange sweater to work and watching a non-scary scary movie on Netflix

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I get bees if I click the link in Feedly

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The website is no longer available, alas

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Hey Manka! I haven't commented before now, but I've read everything and I wanted to thank you for setting up such a great space on the internet.

I'm going on vacation today and because I hate travel planning my husband booked everything and it's basically the opposite of everything I would have done (expensive flight/cheap hotel) and I'm really bummed. Whenever we've traveled before we've always been on the same page and better about discussing things; like, he would do research and then we would pick together. Instead of being super excited about this amazing trip I'm about to go on, I'm really disappointed and we haven't even left yet. Maybe it's just nerves? Maybe it's my period? I just wish I could stop crying at my desk and be thankful we can afford to travel. Whatever, we're going to have a great time no matter what and at least I won't have to be at work.

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I never felt like I had a place on the Internet until I found The Toast. I'm glad I was able to be part of such a wonderful community, even if it was a short while. Thank you for everything, and best of luck with all your future adventures. Goodbye!

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Thank you so much for one last tater Toast post! He (and you) is one of my favourite parts of the LR and the community. Fare thee well!

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Oh no! I sent an email but I guess that means I never got a match :((

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Same. I thought I was doing ok by avoiding anything ending-adjacent and living in denial. Now I am crying real tears

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Thank you so much for helping with my tote anxiety! I really do feel much better now <3

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I ended up buying three totes: one as a gift, one a tote for me, and one as a backup tote in case something happens to my tote. HOWEVER I didn't check to see if the non-ship ones were in stock, so all three are the same. Do you think it's ok? (I mean, I really wanted the ship one the most, but...) I am racked with emotional turmoil and potential regret and could really use some reassurance