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Eep, sorry, I try for "obvious from context" when I use French but sometimes I fail:

Hob: Qu'est-ce qui se passe? (What's going on?)
Nik: Il pensait que ce serait drole. (He thought it would be funny.)

(For future reference there's a little "view script" button directly under the comic, and I do always translate any French in there. I can't actually speak French either, I'm just pretty good at Googling phrases. :P )

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Huh, I don't usually self-vote but when I ran through it just now the full-sized pic showed up as intended. Try it again? I update the image in the morning, so it's possible you had the bad luck to click right as I was in the middle of moving the furniture. :P

And thanks for voting, it's a silly thing but it makes me happy to see the comic crawling back up the ranks. :)

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Yeah, I have pages actually *queued up* and it comes as such a nice surprise on Tuesdays to wake up and realize, hey, I updated! Hey, people are reading it! I've missed this.

Dunno how long I can keep it up -- I'm still struggling with time and health issues -- but I think I can at least avoid the two-year burnout break again.

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Maybbbee? I can use it and I'm logged in, for what that's worth. I'm kinda side-eying Intense Debate in a worried way though.The last time the developers updated anything was 2014, and it's not listed on their main site... I have the strong feeling it's abandonware. Butttttt I don't actually want to move to Disqus or roll my own comment code so as long as it keeps *mostly* working....

*backs up her comment database again just in case*

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Yeah, my clever little "when last we saw" script is slightly borked, I think -- on the list of things to work on fixing.... Thanks for the backlinks, I appreciate any help I can get! :)

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I KNOW! It's kinda spooking me too, I kept thinking it was just gonna break when I started putting new pics up, but no. The old site definitely needs a tune-up, but she still runs. :)

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Infected yes -- plenty of signs, alas, though not all for Himself, and not predictably. Mountain people aren't immune to the frenzy but they are a reliably suspicious lot, so there were always a few heartening battered redneck pickups with Biden stickers. I didn't quite go as far as a yard sign myself, you gotta nominate Warren for that, but it was close.

(We aren't a dairy farm area, though, not any more. There were 80+ dairies in our county when we moved here in 1987. Now there's three. It's not an excuse for the shitty way rural America often acts and votes, but yeah, the decline thing is unfortunately very real, at least here.)

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I'm so happy to *be* back! And alive! And ok! And to see all of you guys commenting again! It's so excitinnnnng *happy Kermit flail*

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Eh, a lot of it is probably familiarity and the crappiness of the laptop. My family's owned Macs since the mid-eighties and I've never really gotten the hang of Windows. As the study found, something like 90% of users' OS preferences boil down to "the one I used first", and I'm definitely part of that 90%. But my husband, a hardcore Windows user, struggles with printers too, so I feel justified in making SOME fun.

(As a note, we are NOT doing standard stuff with our printers: we have a big Brother workhorse that we use to print invoices, etc -- probably 2-3K sheets a month -- a smaller Brother for printing on waterproof Tyvek for use in production, a Dymo label printer for UPS, and a small label printer for internal inventory, all on the same network. Usually the Windows gets tangled up because it doesn't want to switch to the correct printer, or because one of the Macs used the printer last and now it can't "find" it, but about once or twice a year it requires a complete driver reinstall for no reason we can figure out. The Macs have far less problems with printers, but then the programmers had the very real advantage that they only had to figure out how ONE piece of hardware was going to interact with the printer -- whereas the Windows programmers have no idea what hardware configuration they're writing drivers for. I know WHY it's happening, it just doesn't make it any less frustrating. :P )

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I hadn't, and that is awesome. :D