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As far as the spirit of Bangsa Malaysia is concerned, Umno led government fails miserably in achieving it. BN must get out of the administration comes this GE.

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Sekali lagi PM senyap saja terhadap ucapan ummah yg seditious. Kita memang tak sokong BN buat PRU akan datang.

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If this guy is smart enough he should know that stressing the importance of hard work is more beneficial than the short-sighted view of wanting to fight for constant handouts.

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Another god player.

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You must lack the understanding of the meaning of "I have burned bridges". If a U turn is made, Tun will no longer be able to stand tall in this world.

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While BN does not subscribe to changes, Ker should not regard PKR will do the same. We need a radical change and Tun M can change. That is our hope a blessing. If Tun M cannot change, we are all doomed

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LKS has a dream and is a real fighter. What is Liow fighting for, other than being a yes-man and an agree-to-disagree man under UMNO?

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We are fortunate to have at least a minister that knows humanity. God bless you.

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I lament the calibre of UMNO's lawmakers…sigh

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Thank you. These words should be directed to the deputy minister who claims that atheism is unconstitutional.