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Bloody British most likely behind this long hostile situation between India & Pakistan. The ever decaying British Empire main governing policy Has been is “ devid & concour.”
Had Britain then at the time of creating independent India & Pakistan intention to Truly great a “ Full Independence, they would truly solved the long disputed Kashmir region.
Britain created a seminar explosive situation between Iraq & Kuwait and betwee Kuwait & Saudi Arabia- the neutral zone (s)
So Britain who could solve this unsolved explosive situation between Pakistan & India in the Kashmir region. Of course the decaying British Empire past the Paton to the Americans.

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I wish to remind my fellow Americans what the American statesman Benjamin Franklin warned his countrymen from,” the strong grip of Jews on America.?”

Just remember who invented communism; Marx& Lennin; Russia jews.
I would not be shocked to know that some powerful & influential American Jews are playing the game of “ Russian gate/phobia.”

To many ordinary Americans who may not realize that the Russian Jewish lobbyists at the Kremlin as powerful as AIPAC. Are you surprised.
Talmudic teachings ? Has no boundaries to advocate for the Jewish Interest over the “ Goyims “ at ANY COST.
They believe that “ Eluheim created goyims Only to be a subspecies to SERVE ONLY Jews. Fallacy in their thinking. If they claim that they are “ Eluheim chosen people.?”
Then ask the to wish to die.? The well NeVER EVER do that.

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It seems to me from some of the readers ‘ comments that some American may think they are living back in the 1800’s
It would more informative to read about worlds affairs from a reliable sources; Not your fig of imagination.
Luck has NOTHING to do with which country own or not to own of natural resources. It’s beyond the scoop of this publication to explain. If this “LUCK” has to do with history then no nation ever exists.
And NO others natural resources belongs to them NOT to USA.Period.

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The “Oriental culture.” Has been about wisdom, tact, & containment strategy. To “Nulify” the explosive situation is much better than go on ahead on colision mentality.

The west/ European culture has been confrontational rather than avoiding a bloody one. Since the “ illusion of Declaration of Independence.” The American Empire has been in a conflict withe the Native Americans & the outside world.

After the claimed Declaration of Independence George Washington signed a none aggression treaty with the Ottoman Empire. Gust what.? America didn’t honor this treaty and sent the American Navy to attach both the Algerian & the Lebyian costlines. Withe a devastating consequence to the American Navy. America didn’t forget that Naval defeat & the Hollywood Actor “ Regan” sent the American Navy to destroy Libya under the pretense of “ Nutralizing” Ghadafy nuclear program. It seems the history repeats itself with Mr Obama & his “ Hilary Clinton “ revived Crusade against the Muslim world. Taking revenge against the Ottoman Empire Naval victory against the American agression towards the Libya territory.

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I would be shocked to find out the the CIA has been playing the hide and seek game of promising both sides that the CIA is supporting each side claim of their legal claim on Kashmir. I do not trust USA of being a “ peace mediator. “ in Any global conflict or disputes. The “ Divide-To-concurs “ Is the main CIA political game.

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Sex, drugs, fame & political corruption.? Anything else new. The saying says” there is no smoke without fire.”
However, you may fool some people for some time but ALL people ALL the time.

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Who is “ The Middle East Eye.?”

The history of political corruption in Both Saudi Arabia & The UAE is very apparent since the 1970’s

The UAE is the international hub to launder dirty money, international prostitution, & corruption. For the corruption to accuse the honest is a Very tragic situation. Falsehood has never been a healthy way for economic growth.

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Mr Bruce


I could read “ a panic alarm” in your response. I do understand some of your logic. I encourage you to search the development of “ Textile industry “ for an example. Industries who write political jargons.
The expansion of the American Empire founded on the Industrial complex. Nixon-Kessinger visit was Nothing But a long pressure from multi organizations to open the Chinese labor market to them.
The USA long political laws that has been favoring the Rich wishes to reduce overhead costs ( cheep labor) and increase their profits margins ( Secret hidden overseas accounts/ secret Swiss banks accounts)
Personally I know many well educated friends ( multi cultural) who are well educated but could not find jobs in their field of study; their jobs have been outsourced to overseas.
The most recent tax break of 1.5 trillions for the RICH is a testimony that the American economic affaires has to do with politics & money. In fact highly educated citizens do shy away from voting. The less educated ( schooling and skills) do tend to swallow those politicians fals narrative about the American affairs.

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Dose Moon of Alabama wants it’s reader to believe what’s in this article is true.?

It’s a very naive perspective.
Isreal has been well know to commit atrocities & Dennis it. The Mosad action of a series of assassinations and they denied it. Who destroyed the Iraqi Nuclear Reactor in 1989.?

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I do not wish to be called “ a negative guy” those things this article touched on were already been practiced. Mr Edgar Hoover is the direct student of the Gestapo.
The only FBI practice has changed is the immense ability to gather, store, & obtains information on ANY individual is the advanced electronic technologies. That’s all. Otherwise, the fallacy that America is a republic of freedom & Democracy is just a whitewash. Please don’t be fooled or fool yourself that there’s an American Democracy.