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I’m so entertained by all that public hype about the so called presidential campaign of senator Bernie Sanders. Have not realized from 2016 that his bed to be the Democratic Party nominee for the White House in 2016 & 2020 is Nothing but to divide the party. He has never been forthcoming about his REAL sponsor-APAC.

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In time of national & international distress like Coronavirus accusations flying from left & right come from the failing side who failed to detect, monitors, and take the necessary action to contain & remedies the virus.

Domestically, we see this phenomenon between both political parties when each one accuses the other party for being dishonest with the Americans. When indeed BOTH ARE dishonest withe the Americans.
Wake up and live up to the expectations of the Americans which is to lead by example. Lies Don’t live long, unfortunately they already caused unreversed damages.

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If you found the REAL Abraham Lincoln,
The True & Real Navy commander who issued orders to release most of Pearl Harbor personnel on leave one day prior to the “false Japanese attack” on Pearl Harbor,
If you truly bring to justice the individual (s) who orchestrated JFK & His brother Robert Kennedy,
And if you truly expose & bring to justice the individuals, agencies, countries who ARE the REAL planners, collaborators, and executors of 9/11, Then and Only then we will the Americans, probably the rest of the world, may live in a much better & peaceful world.

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Recently theCIA has released parts of a classified report the CIA composed about the Coronavirus for the White House in 2016. Thus Trump can’t, wouldn’t, must not say he was not aware of Coronavirus issue. He had an ample time to go study the CIA. Classified report.
Legally he is & should be held liable in any court of law about thousands of Coronavirus victims domestically & internationally. Case is pending awaiting the dismissal of Trump from the Shite house. Hopefully this coming November 2020 presidential elections.

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Very informative article.
Have every witnessed every time (almost) the modern man attempted to invent/manufacture an invention the outcome backfired.? The ( invention) of agriculture pesticides to control unwanted weeds ended in decimating the 🐝 population around the globe !!!. Children birth defects. To mention a few.
Another example is modified seeds or GMO? One of the devastating results that those GMO seeds are sterile; you have to by a new seed for a new crops. India has one of the most devastating results of poor farmers using GMO seeds. Could afforded by seed every year. India at one point had the highest rate of farmers committed suicidal rates in the world. Go ahead & let Gate & companies plane & plots as they wish.
JUST remember that this universe has a creator, controller, and direct things ACCORDING HIS plan. Not a I’ll & Melinda Gates, the IMF, or Rothschild family.

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I didn’t read the whole article. From what just read I believe the “ Western industrialized/ democracy, has been failing to grasp the “ REAL. & reality “ of the worldwide economic collapse. Many well respected western & worldwide economist WRNED during 2008 worldwide economic meltdown that the next worldwide economic collapses will a devastating one. They projected this collapse about 2015-2017. The stated/ cautioned that the most single factors of this economic collapse is INTEREST rate. Abandon interest rate to NONE. Now we are talking about nationalization of banks. To big to fail.

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“ Make America Great Again “.... WOW. Hundreds if not thousands of very urgent heart & cancer surgeries across American have been put on hold due to the pandemic Coronavirus, YET those Pentagon private contractors shipped ONE millions masks to the Apparhead Israhel.? What a capitol crime against All Americans.

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Where’s the video.?

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Well...the old/young Henry is back on the block. Watch out folks.
Has the world forgotten Henry’s NWO about central & south Americas during the sixties, seventies & well Into the eighties. His liberal views about forcing the general population into slavery & submi

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As the eagle sores high in the sky eventually shall come down ( if crashes) on a hard rock.