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Most of this is a joke if not ALL of it.
First & formost The evil Emprialist Europe & USA ARE the True &Real instigators of instability of the Arab World & the Muslim World. Enough is enough for those who claim they’re the protectors of “ freedom & democracy “
Say out loud.. what has been happening in the Middle East & the Muslim world in no accident; it’s by intention & clear purpose; a Crossador War.
The Soviet Union NOT USA was the First country to am aknowledge the establishment/ independence of the state of Israel. Please do not kid yourself or your reader about Russia’s true interest/ Intention in Syria. Putin is equally with Trump & Europe in destabilizing the Middle East.

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Yes mr Trump could/should/ can stand up to defend his crumbling empire soldiers crimes against humanity. The question is; how he is to answer his supreme commander, his lord, creator when Allah begins questioning Trump’s conducts agains humanity.? If Allah allows trump to open his mouth. At the judgment day guys like Trump their mouth will be sealed ( could not talk) , then his hands will testify against his actions, and his legs will be witnesses against him to. Then the angles of Hilfier will be commanded to pick up the poor Trump & his company by their foreheads & levy’s and thrown violently deep into the Hilfire.

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The American’s style of” freedom of expression, democracy & justice to all.” I believe this could be the ultimate choice of “the American Dream.” To market to whom he/she contemplate to live the “ American Dream.” Or nightmare. Take your pick if you dare.

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Wow!!!! Whom are you kidding.? 3.5 millions are all met change for those Super rich who are destroying our economy withe the corporate tax break welfare Trump handed to after his 2016 win.
No doubt in my mind if Nader & Khawaja were a big Israeli supporters, this jock indictment well never surface in the news. Please give us our dignity back.

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Many to this moment truly believe that Hitler hated Jews.!!! The truth was & is he wake up to find that a few, minority of the Germans( Almanians), Jews controls over 50 percent of banks, 75 percent of media; newspapers, theaters.
Today’s the situation in USA is worse than the political, economic, banking, media with most of its forms ARE controlled by Jews directly/indirectly.
Benjamin Franklin Warner his fellow Americans from the strong gripes of Jews.?

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This video with little doubt affirms the continued 1840’s Opume war against China.
I have no doubts that “ The western democracy?.” Is behind this act of terror has been happening against China since 1840’s.
Let those countries who claim that they are “ a democratic countries’ implement democracy in their own countries.

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Amazing to read some of the comments. “ this guy must be from the Middle East.?” Already They judged he is a Middle East guy. Another cultural ignorance. Stipe Lozina is Nat a Middle East name. Those who already judged that the attacker is a Muslim guy. WOW.
Australia supposed to belong to “ a civilized country club.?”

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It’s very tragic & insightful to recount these 1960’s political events.
One hard facts yet hidden from the vast Americans that Zionism, Isreal, & the Mosad ARE in fact in control of America.
Yes many evidence point to the Mosad fingers & the help & cooperation of the CIA ( which is infested withe Zionist agents) who planed, orchestrated, & executed JFK assassination.
Wakeup America if there’s time to do so. Today most of our government on many levels are controlled directly & indirectly by Zionism. I fear that the Zionism Octopus has been in control of USA for awhile.

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“ you may deceive some people for some time but Not All People All the time.” True. Always at all time, in all ages , & all nations you will find highly motivated individuals as well as groups of people ( organizations) stand up to defend the poor, the weak & helpless, expose the injustice,& reveals the truth.
I’m very confident that Jeremy Cobyrn will surrounds himself with like minded & courageous people to help him advances his principles.

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Let ALL Trump administration move its office to Jerusalem & conduct its business from there. It Will Not change the fact that this” Jewish State” is breathing its last few breaths. You may laugh. Go ahead and burst into tears of laughter.
All this political jargon is Nothing But a distraction from the real & hidden internal troubles the aging empire is going through.
Those Jewish/Zionist supports Will Not care for the average Americans’ needs. In fact all those Jewish/ Zionist supporters are in fact sucking the American economy money back into supporting those illegal Jewish settlements on the expense of the American taxpayers.